Perhaps humility? Leadership for a world that works for everyone.

Humility enables spaciousness. There is room for another…another opinion, another voice, another perspective. Humility begins from the place of “my voice, deed, act is only one possibility of many.” Humility acknowledges that no one ever does anything without infinite support from another. The other might be nature, biology, history, friends, family… Hubris squeezes out everything else. It starts from the … Read More

Clean Communication- the foundation of all great and enduring relationships | Clean Communication

Clean communication is at the very foundation of any integrous, generative relationship. Defining what clean communication is Clean Communication has no “negative charge” to it. There is no component of it that has any form of attack, shame, blame, upset, anger, manipulation, ridicule, disdain, lies or otherwise. Unclean communication may be consciously or unconsciously delivered. Consciously delivered unclean communication may … Read More

Do the work – leadership development starts inside

We are masters of exterior development = learning new skills, gaining experience, falling down, getting up, making things, unmaking things, studying, practicing, applying, doing, being busy. Our education system is built to train us to be effective in the exterior world. We spend our corporate training dollars working the exterior over. Communications skills, negotiation skills, management skills….. Yet this is … Read More

Cultivating felt sense

Most people have walked into a room and felt the tension that exists when the people in the room have been fighting. This is felt even before your rational brain has had the chance to analyze the situation. Our reptilian brain senses danger and our body responds. The ability to tune into the very subtle nuances in the energetic space … Read More

Leadership altitude – critical to lead the future of business

The leader needs to be at a higher stage of development than the organisation she leads. Think of it like a high rise building with ten floors. From the ground the view is of only things on the ground, or down into the basement. From the tenth floor you can also see the ground, but with less nuanced detail. However, … Read More

Synaptic leaps, dissipative structures- what it takes to really lead

Many years ago I had the privilege of spending 7 days on the Big Island of Hawaii with a group of about 100 people studying the work of Buckminster Fuller. The material we used was a video taken of him speaking to a group over three days…21 hours…as he would describe, the sum of his life’s work. Included in this … Read More

How to become a highly valued leader. It’s not what you think.

There are very few leaders who have the capacity to read the empirical and intuitive signals from multiple domains. A manager is required to read the signals of the team and what they have been contracted to do. These signals are both empirical and intuitive. A really skilled manager will have a large part of their attention on these signals, … Read More

The power of collaboration in Business as unUsual

On Monday November 4th 2013, leaders of Oregon, Washington and California, along with a proxy for the premier of British Columbia, signed a regional pact to reduce greenhouse gases and promote clean energy—while acknowledging that their efforts would be more powerful if other states and leaders got on board. Read more: West Coast States Sign Climate Agreement | … Read More

Change, addiction to growth and the development of the interiors

‘If change is happening faster on the outside than the inside, then the end is nigh.’ Jack Welsh. I happen to agree with Mr. Welsh. Sadly few businesses spend any time on this. Or few relationships of any nature. Our Western mind, our business schools, our education system trains us all to focus on the results on the outside. The … Read More