Beautiful Business for All Human Thriving- 6 Pillars of Integrity Architecture, 40 Considerations for a Beautiful Business | 6 Pillars for Beautiful Business

Placing what matters as the primary reason we engage in enterprise. Earth, all its creatures, and each other. This article and body of work is for those of you who seek to create enterprises that support our present and future well being comprehensively. Following an introduction to the work of R.Buckminster Fuller in my 20’s that insisted that I question … Read More

Moving from an economy of extraction to extinction – to omni-generative

Our current economic model is designed to extract to extinction. Extract impounded solar energy (fossil fuels) from Earth, some billions of years in the making, and costing millions of energy dollars for Earth to produce, to make a profit in the short term (several hundred years of wealth for a small few), for which the future humans and Earth will … Read More

Integral Accounting, preview call, Dr. David Martin

Integral Accounting is both an operating system and a way of being in the world that honours and reveals the true value already present in all dimensions of life. Most people approach the world through a type of uni-dimensional awareness. The form of dimensional constraint to which we’ve all become accustomed limits value to a single dimension we call “Money”. … Read More

Dollars for time – the indignity of transaction economics

Do you love it? Being reduced to a dollar amount for your precious time? Is this the life meant for the bright eyed baby who is hungry to share themselves in their wholeness with the world? But if not this model, then what? What is the alternative? We want to bring our whole selves to work. All of our skills … Read More

The illusion of money as power

Hypothetical Scenario – a catastrophic situation. You are penniless, and have no physical items of value, like gold, jewels etc.  You need to eat. If you do not eat, you will die. Food can be obtained, but in the way of access to food is a person who wants to extract something of value from you in order to pass … Read More

2.23AM The podcast, Episode #1, Dr. David Martin Founder of M-Cam, on enterprises of emanation

Listen on itunes , Stitcher Radio, or on SoundCloud,  download (right click, “save as”) or listen to the recording below. Download the transcript. Transcript, #1, David Martin Dr. David E. Martin is the Founder of M·CAM® the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. Actively engaged in global ethical economic development, Dr. Martin’s work includes financial engineering … Read More

Do you need money to start a business? Part 1 (of 3)

In the current industrial model the script goes something like this. Have an idea, raise capital. And then it goers like this. Unless I can raise ‘X’ dollars the business won’t fly. And then…great ideas are killed because they have been beholden to the belief that you need money. Or…give away most of your idea to the man with the … Read More