Beauty of Beginnings – June 18th | Beauty of Beginnings

Mono, meaning one. Monoculture. Monocurrency. Monopoly. Monofinance In nature, with some 14 Billion years of practise, a Mono attempt is rebuked by design. Mono is the human equivalent of supreme power. An egoic force. Autocracy. Or in business, our obsession with monopoly. Mono squeezes out optionality and diversity. It creates a desert of ideas rather than a garden of innovation. … Read More

Transformative Innovation – giving birth to stuff that matters

I will call it. Almost all of what we call innovation is incremental. To innovate, to change something, to transform, is rare. Nothing wrong with incrementalism, but let us not confuse it with exceptionalism. I believe that the world needs exceptional innovation right now, rather than another new app. The Nobel Laureate, Ilya Prigogine, noted for his work on dissipative … Read More

What is ‘cheap’ labour? | Cheap Labour

  We humans are being called to account. Our system of capitalism – a system that has been built, that could only have been built, entirely on the ability to NOT count for the many externalities, such as the cost of Earth to create ‘fossil’ fuels, as well as the cost to release the ‘waste products’ of fossil fuels into … Read More

Big Blue Sky – A new model of enterprise

We have been asked a few times ‘What target market is Big Blue Sky relevant to?’ The truth is it cannot be put in a box. We have some of the best speakers in the realms of Innovation, IT, Art, Science, Social issues and Sustainable systems. We are looking at challenges for our City from a holistic perspective that involves … Read More

Dare to be naive – a path to true innovation | True Innovation

Naive – ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French naïve, feminine of naïf, from Latin nativus ‘native, natural’. Dare to be naive – So wrote Buckminster Fuller in the very opening of his work, Synergetics. We live in the illusion or delusion of innovation. We think our emerging technology is stunning in its ability to shift humanity. That the next app … Read More