Beauty of Beginnings – May 23rd | Beauty of Beginnings

People gather from around the world to witness dawn. She is the master mesmeriser. She weaves her spell to any who dare to walk past her as she throws her glory down.  She often starts with a small shift in colour, then moves, all to quickly, to a crescendo, and then, in her full glory, we mortals are unable to … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – March 14th | Beauty of Beginnings

When was the last time you cried tears of joy?   In writing this I thought hard about leaving the line above and adding nothing else. The question is so evocative and worth considering. I had to really hold this question close to find an answer, which in its own way was disturbing. Two major memories arose. I had been … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – March 3rd | Beauty of Beginnings

Have you ever considered that the most profound lessons of life live in the simple every day? That we might not need to be sages or gurus, but to simply observe? All beauty fades and dies. And then is born again. This is the essence of creation. As I watch a sunrise, one moment she might look drab (not photo … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 12th

When we step into the day do we have any awareness of how the earth moves with our step? Do we sense the ripples our words create around us? Do we see the wake we leave behind when we carelessly blame? The world is our mirror. What we see reflected is how we show up. If we are constantly on … Read More

Two approaches – abundant of spirit, or critical, righteous and the prima-donna

Two approaches One. Yesterday I saw myself in less than favourable colours. I attended an event and I walked in with preconceived judgement that was sourced from some field of my old default pattern of superiority. “I know better.” This approach shut down a whole world of possibility. I squeezed myself into a narrow field of righteousness. And criticism. Exactly … Read More

Life on your terms. 5 Keys

Life on your terms. 5 Keys 1. A set of inviolate, unbreakable, heart and soul centred guiding principles and boundaries or self disciplines 2. Daily practice of tuning into your life and business using your self disciplines as the ground of being. 3. Deep and ever growing trust in the pattern integrity of Universe. 4. The ability to dance with … Read More