Beauty of Beginnings – June 19th | beauty of Beginnings

Coherence, resonance and right relationship Yesterday I received a text and noticed I had an ill feeling in my body afterwards. It was like something had infected my field. If I were an animal I would have shaken it off, literally. Noticing it, I went for a walk. Did some cleaning. Moved my body. A human version of shaking it … Read More

Culture is a Strategy – the fine art of cultural design

  The world of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and fast paced tech companies might benefit from slowing down to think before the company is built about the desired future culture of their organsiation and how to design a culture from day one that sets the stage for greatness. Amid the flurry of product design, capital raising, launch strategy and generally just existing, … Read More

Entrepreneurial focus, coherence, identity and charisma

When something really matters it requires disciplined focus. But a creative entrepreneur’s mind is naturally roving across multiple scenarios, antenna’s tuned for opportunity. This is the tension that most entrepreneurs encounter. How to bring all the seemingly disparate pieces into a coherent focus. Intuitively I have known that now is the time to do this with a heightened level of … Read More