Asymmetries as the trump card of the old model of business

I was speaking to Dr. Don Beck this morning, for the podcast.  Don was a student of Clare Graves and the person credited with bringing Spiral Dynamics to the world. Don has been my teacher since the early 2000’s. In the conversation we talked about asymmetries. Cultural, knowledge, wealth, development, resources…we were speaking specifically about the Palestine/Israel situation, but truth … Read More

The Mythology of the “heroic” sleep deprived entrepreneur

The “go-hard or go-home”, working massive hours, sleep deprived heroics is a sham. This is Business as Usual, buying in to some old story that only those who sacrifice themselves on the altar of pleasure deprivation through living an addiction to work will make it to the pinnacles of success. Crock of shite! Sure, I may concede short bursts in … Read More

Human resources -seriously? Are you happy being a resource?

We know we are in trouble as individuals and people when we are reduced to resources. When our value is measured purely on our ability to provide some predetermined function with all other domains of value being rejected or ignored. Or when we become consumers? We are now measured by how much, or how little we consume. (I have visions … Read More

Language creates culture in business

Business as usual is a culture of domination, top down hierarchy, leader as authoritarian, employees as commodities, customers as consumers, citizens as consumers. If we want to change the world we need to change our language. We can be the steward instead of the boss/leader. The moment we become a steward the patriarchal dominance disappears. We now hold the space … Read More

An argument against speed in business

Life is busy. Getting busier. Business as usual demands results, action, long hours, cost control, lots of average…and speed. Go go go. Faster faster. Anything we do in a hurry is an argument against intimacy. Anything we do in a hurry is a argument against aesthetics. Anything we do in a hurry is an argument against heart. And when anything … Read More

The foundations of a Screw Business as Usual business

I am presently focused on the foundational structure of the start up, all about business as Unusual. The business as usual way. Set up a company, set up a bank account and get on with it. The Screw Business as Usual way. Take time to deeply explore the why of the business? Why are we going into business. What is … Read More