Social capital, networks and reputation

Unless you are deploying a tool such as Integral Accounting, it is unlikely that you will take into account the all-in-value of someone’s social capital. Our connectivity to people within networks, and our reputation within that network is an extraordinary asset that extends well beyond financial account. Relationships are human nourishment, and as essential to life as food, air and … Read More

Stewardship, economics and new leadership

Imagine that instead of being a CEO, or a boss, or a manager, or a leader, we were assigned the task of stewardship? ORIGIN Old English stīweard, from stig (probably in the sense ‘house, hall’) + weard‘ward’ (guardian, keeper, ward) That our role was to steward a company. Steward a team. Steward a community. Or for that matter, steward your … Read More

Profit and its illusions – who is really profiting and at what price?

Profit – from Latin profectus ‘progress, profit’, from proficere ‘to advance’. We seek as humans to advance. To make progress. This is a healthy impulse. But at what price? And is it acceptable that one person profits at the expense of another? Or of the community? Or the ecosystem? It is only in the last 60 to 100 years that … Read More

All in cost accounting -delusions of modern life

Take a barrel of oil. Currently trading at about $51 US a barrel. But what a delusion we live in with that price. As Buckminster Fuller quoted in Critical Path, “Scientifically faithful, synergistically integrated, time-energy, electrochemical process accounting shows that it cost energetic Universe more than a million dollars to produce each gallon of petroleum when the amount of energy … Read More

When you are clear about the why the way becomes possible

Old way Will this make money? How do we make money from this? This is not making money so we need to cut corners. The competition are doing “x”, maybe we should do something like them. 2.23AM way. Business as unusual Why we are doing this is so compelling people will walk across cut glass to be a part of … Read More

We are all unique but no one is special. Or everyone is special.

We are all unique. That is what is so fabulous. But no one is special. Or everyone is special. Pick one or the other. I prefer the latter…to approach everyone as special..which is a big commitment and one that I fail at often. My little 4 kg dog, Milly, an embodiment of love on four legs, treats everyone as special. … Read More

Can we put love in a spreadsheet?

When it comes down to it love is why we get up in the morning. If not for love, then for what? Money, sex, power, empire…anyone who has these in abundance will tell you that they do not take the place of love. Yet love is not some thing that fits within the domains of corporate speak. The day we … Read More