Aliveness is found in the animation of polarity

In a world divided by a grand canyon of perspectives I am pondering how we can transcend the polarity and divisions, or perhaps design a healthy ecosystem in which the polarity fits? Or even, if natural design has done this work for us and what we are seeing and experiencing in the world now, with breakdowns between leaders, government, finance, … Read More

Seeking the trim tab – on Ferguson, Mandela and systemic change

So many people want to change the world. I might be one of those.  However I find myself in the question of exactly what that means and if our actions do more harm than good. Millions/billions of dollars have been raised to help feed the hungry, provide water, health care, immunization. And yet time and again these actions fail to … Read More

The lost years – Maybe our stories are not real

  Maybe the story you have been telling yourself about how your Boss, the Board, or your spouse’s mother doesn’t like you or the job your are doing…is not real? Maybe you are spending your days and nights worrying about something that doesn’t exist? All that time and heart ache…for ghosts. Or not. Why not ask them? Sure, they may … Read More