Beauty of Beginnings – January 21st

Heart break – familiar to us all. If you are sincere about any endeavour, a project, your work, a creative expression, then heartbreak is assured. If we give our all to love, then love will teach us, over a life time, that we are stewards of its becoming. That the form of its manifestation into the world will never quite … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 20th

In the rollercoaster of life each of us experiences adversity. To the night, the dawn. To the up the down. To the joys, the tribulations. Each adversity gives us an opportunity to choose how we respond. Age and wisdom teaches us (hopefully) that the point of adversity is how we respond, not the adversity itself. How we respond. Do we … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 19th

Friends. Those people brave enough to hold us when the snot is streaming from our nose and we can hardly stand for the pain. And do so without judgement. Holding. Holding. Until we finally find our feet again. Who point out to us the screaming blind spots, even when we refuse to hear. And point again, persistently, with love, because … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 18th

What is it to love thy self? To truly love the entire spectrum of you? Not in a superficial way…but deeply, profoundly? This is the question I have been exploring of late. To not reject any aspect of brat, my arrogance, my inadequacy. We all share these and many more characteristics in different amplitudes. It is the symphony of … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 17th

Threshold crossing is a part of regular life. We cross the threshold from sleep to awake. From morning to evening. From our private inner life to our outer expression. There are some thresholds that we skip across, and some that we are dragged across. Some we long to cross, and many that we might wish we had never crossed. Threshold … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 16th

My running buddy of twenty plus years and I do a trail run in the local forest. At the turn-around point is a grande eucalyptus. This magnificent tree now gets a hug from both of us each time we arrive at this point. It is a ritual that started on a run when one of us was suffering the trials … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 14th

Entangled in rules set by others before we can determine if we want to make them our own, many of us have a warped relationship with desire. I was taught that to desire is sinful. Something to be suppressed. Yet desire that arises from our soul, from within the marrow of our being, is the seed of creativity, the two … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 13th

Adoring fans gather for the spectacle. Her first light is muted, soft pink clouds, with a chorus of birds. She doesn’t need to be anything but her self. No effort required. She has so much more to offer humans than we have yet realised. But even still, each day, she shines all of her light. Never less. There is no … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 12th

When we step into the day do we have any awareness of how the earth moves with our step? Do we sense the ripples our words create around us? Do we see the wake we leave behind when we carelessly blame? The world is our mirror. What we see reflected is how we show up. If we are constantly on … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 11th

Sometimes there is too much beauty. Too much generosity. Too much love. Is this possible? Perhaps we have contracted and allowed our selves to be diminished? Allowed our selves to be beaten down by life. To stop. Breath. Let it all in. All that we have stepped over. All that we step over every day. The magic of the ant … Read More