Dismissed – being heard is a form of wealth

We all know the experience of being dismissed as an irrelevant voice, or an irrelevant human. And…if we are honest, we have all dismissed others as irrelevant. I have been a master at dismissing, which of course is why I have had to face dismissal so thoroughly of late. Here is how it works. I am introduced to a ‘business … Read More

Entrepreneurs for Impact. A more beautiful world through business.

This next three months I am offering something very special to those four (4) of you who are hell bent on creating an IMPACTFUL business that is good for the planet and all the creatures on it. You know…business where we want to make a profit, AND we do not want to sell our soul. Even one nano piece of … Read More

The transformational power of beauty

When we allow beauty to be fully present, we are transformed. It really is that simple. Beauty is natures way of saying yes to divine order in chaos. To a harmony and frequency that transcends our comprehension. We humans try to reduce things to the explainable. To scientific sequence. We rationalise. Measure. Seek to make sense of. But beauty outfoxes … Read More

We need to talk of love and business

We need to talk love and business. Why? Because business without love is, somewhere beyond all the noise and distraction, the central reason humans are in this mess of climate change, economic disparity, corruption, crisis of health… We know love. We know what it feels like to gaze at a beautiful vista and feel completely humbled by love. To look … Read More

The call for Beautiful Business

We humans know beauty…we know when we look at a sunrise, sunset, Crimson Rosella (see photo), a river meandering through a forest…that what we are seeing is beautiful. We know the beauty of our child’s smile…of laughter. Great music…the taste of our favourite food. We know the beauty of art…and love…touch… It is in the recognition and celebration of beauty … Read More

What wakes you at 2.23AM? Part 2 (of 5) Your story

You are what many would call successful, although you may not feel that about yourself. You generally function at a very high level. You have built things. You lead a team. You have many trophies, which may include awards, titles, status, recognition, high income, the high floor office, the right house in the right street and children going to the … Read More

Beautiful Business

“When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty…….. but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”  R. Buckminster Fuller I love business. I love that people can offer amazing service doing something they love that contributes value to the world. I love the creativity, the genius of business. … Read More