What is ‘cheap’ labour? | Cheap Labour

  We humans are being called to account. Our system of capitalism – a system that has been built, that could only have been built, entirely on the ability to NOT count for the many externalities, such as the cost of Earth to create ‘fossil’ fuels, as well as the cost to release the ‘waste products’ of fossil fuels into … Read More

How do you keep score? All-in-cost, integral accounting and real value.

Our society is brought up on measuring and keeping score. We don’t even realise how much we do this. We will immediately look at someone’s clothes, shoes, car, hair, skin colour….and make massive assumptions about their status in society. Over the course of the last 50 plus years business has been reduced to keeping score in one domain only. Return … Read More

Eventually we all pay

Here in Australia we just had Qantas shut down for nearly 2 days, stranding thousands of people around the world. If you scratch below the surface of this action and zero in on the source of why the executive team decided to do this, it reveals the cost of a world in the middle of a transition to globalisation. Complexity … Read More