Moving from an economy of extraction to extinction – to omni-generative

Our current economic model is designed to extract to extinction. Extract impounded solar energy (fossil fuels) from Earth, some billions of years in the making, and costing millions of energy dollars for Earth to produce, to make a profit in the short term (several hundred years of wealth for a small few), for which the future humans and Earth will … Read More

What is ‘cheap’ labour? | Cheap Labour

  We humans are being called to account. Our system of capitalism – a system that has been built, that could only have been built, entirely on the ability to NOT count for the many externalities, such as the cost of Earth to create ‘fossil’ fuels, as well as the cost to release the ‘waste products’ of fossil fuels into … Read More

Profit and its illusions – who is really profiting and at what price?

Profit – from Latin profectus ‘progress, profit’, from proficere ‘to advance’. We seek as humans to advance. To make progress. This is a healthy impulse. But at what price? And is it acceptable that one person profits at the expense of another? Or of the community? Or the ecosystem? It is only in the last 60 to 100 years that … Read More

The Field Effects of Our Every Action and Thought | Field Effects

  – A process for comprehensive consideration of all that we do, say, think… Part 1. Awareness of the Field Effect This process is to support the awakening of people to the field effects of their every action and thought. If we drop a very small pebble into a pond, ripples will go out from where we dropped the pebble, … Read More