The art of non doing – scheduling whimsical time to increase productivity

We live in a society that values doing. Action. Go hard. Busy. Busy. Busy. Focus. Clear intention. Manage schedule. A gizillion emails. Calls. People asking for their pound of flesh. Even when we are not busy working, we are busy with gym classes, kids classes, social activities. Doing nothing…as in having NOTHING scheduled, is almost an impossible thought, and may … Read More

Addicted to distraction

Question. Are you able to sit still and focus on one single task for a significant period of time? (More than 40 minutes.) Or do you find yourself checking email or social media messages every few minutes or so? We are addicted to distraction. Our world is a noisy mess of messages from a dozen or so sources, all competing … Read More

Addicted to busy

We are addicted to busy. Our work demands constant busyness. There is an illusion that if we are not busy busy busy then we are being unproductive. It is a seriously flawed illusion. The last few days I have been watching myself as my days are crammed from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed … Read More