Beauty of Beginnings – May 15th | Beauty of Beginnings

It starts as a small whisper. Something needs to change. It tugs at the corners of our busy lives. It will not be silenced. We try to ignore it. Then we find ourselves awake at 2:23AM. The whisper has become a roar. Change to what, how? The answers do not come easily. Just the certainty that change needs to happen. … Read More

What are you devoted to? A gift for this holiday season.

Devotion…a words that rolls, plump with deliciousness, off my tongue. Not devotion in a religious sense, but devotion in its origins, to formally vow my attention to something. Vow my attention to something…? What is that something? Is it the daily urge to stay buried in social media? The reflex of needing to check my inbox? Is this devotion? Or … Read More

Where are you on the road – Apprentice, Journeyman, Master?

Everyone starts at zero. What we fail to consider in our haste-to-the-top world is that moving to Mastery is not just about learning skills. True Mastery is a way of being. We reach Mastery through falling down and getting up again. A thousand times. Or more. This shapes us the person, as much as we learn the skills required. In … Read More

The Sounds of Silence and 2:23AM

In my coffee shop early this morning I heard once again this song…a long time favourite… Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence In the dark hours … Read More

Real change – few companies are really up for it

In Seth Godin’s blog of the 15th December 2014, he writes about how at this time companies start to plan for the next year. Here is 50% of what he listed companies are asking their leadership to consider. Act in collaboration Break existing paradigms Commit to quality Define new aspirational goals Deliver on opportunities Develop and align talent Enhance the … Read More

Integral Accounting, preview call, Dr. David Martin

Integral Accounting is both an operating system and a way of being in the world that honours and reveals the true value already present in all dimensions of life. Most people approach the world through a type of uni-dimensional awareness. The form of dimensional constraint to which we’ve all become accustomed limits value to a single dimension we call “Money”. … Read More

Leadership synergy -The dangers of the solopreneur and the isolated CEO

The principle of synergy is that the behaviour of the Whole system is unpredicted by the behaviour of the parts when taken separately. No one can predict by looking at a poisonous gas (chloride) and a reactive metal (sodium) that when combined in equal proportions, we would get something we sprinkle on food. Table salt. Synergy means that 1 plus … Read More

The seed of corruption – it has infested us all

Corruption is derived from two root words. Cor which is Latin for the heart, and rumpere, which means to break. How do we step over some of the issues in our world and ‘normalise’ them? Issues like child slavery, any form of starvation, be that human or animal in any place on earth, the ability for a minority to hold … Read More