I started working with Christine because I was lost. I had everything but had nothing. My private life and business life all melted into one.

Christine has the ability to clean your mind, make you see things in a different light and send you away with a new sense of energy and vigour towards life, relationships and business. She is one of the most amazing people I have met. Very few people have touched my life and changed it for the better the way she has. Jason Andrew Auctioneers. Australasian Auctioneering Champion 2010.


You have the desire to make accelerated change in your life.

You have deep questions to explore.

You seek to become a better wiser leader.

You are at a point where your current status quo is no longer enriching your work and life. You feel flat, stale, unfulfilled. Something is calling you, and it is not longer optional for you to ignore it.

Perhaps you are deeply aware that our current system of business is not working, and you long to engage in a different way, yet you are unsure what that way is, and how to begin.

Maybe you simply seek to have a witness, a non-therapeutic space to take time out to explore the edges of your emergence.

Perhaps one part of your life is wildly successful, and another is hollow and broken.

You may want to learn how to be more fully in your own authority. To stand strong and speak from resolution.

You may have deep shame about something and you seek a new story.

You may be spending the majority of your thinking time locked in a pattern that cycles over and over…leaving you exhausted and unable to focus on what you most want to focus on.

Or, you may be silently and privately be going through a very dark space, with little reason and no end in sight.

These are some of the areas I have worked with clients from around the world, from all walks of life.

Our work together is deeply personal, very safe, and at times, uncomfortable. Always moving you with exquisite precision towards your aligned desires.

Here is what others say out working with me….

Getting over the self-created mental obstacles that have kept me from fulfilling my own potential was one of the prime motivations behind working with Christine. I was also seeking clarity on my spiritual path, trusting myself, picking myself up and getting “back on the court”. I was not expecting to spend time deeply exploring the complex stages of human development, human development theory, and integral theory, but these conversations have inspired me to learn more.

I have learned gratitude towards and the ability to heal past personal relationships, a greater ability to listen and trust my own personal intuition and an ability to say “no” to clients, contracts, and individuals that felt misaligned with my guiding principles of compassion, sincerity, authenticity, and service.

Christine’s distinguishing skills are her ability to dive into the depth and detail of advanced theories in psychology and spiritual teachings, and offer practical coaching for implementing such teachings into everyday life, on a personal and professional level.

She has been a huge help to me, supporting me to find clarity and insight in a wide variety of areas that I have struggled with moving past for some time. I would absolutely recommend her.
Andrew Trabulsi, Social Entrepreneur, author, USA


I hired Christine because I was experiencing imposter syndrome in my work and had a bad case of mothers guilt. (being away from my child) I had (and sometimes still do) a feeling of not been good enough compared to others. I felt incredibly comfortable with Christine from the minute I met her. I loved her use of visual graphics – they made immediate sense to me, I still use the Victim line to this day. Christine put my big issues into reality, I was surprised how quickly I dealt with Mothers guilt.

I learned that:

1. Life/People are not black and white – enjoy finding the grey.

2. I worried about everything and I now simply say “the world is not ending and the sky is not falling” – helps me put things into perspective.

3. I constantly work on my positive self talk. I am liking me heaps more and see the value that I add to this world.

Christine’s intent is pure. She could read me like a book. She threw me against the wall from time to time – which cemented the fact that personal development is not a walk in the park.
Michelle Rolfe, Banking Executive


Timing, payments, cancellation policy & scheduling

Your six-month immersion includes 12 sessions — two each month– during which we will dive deeply into the world of your business and life, and shape it in alignment with your vision and deepest desires. Each session is up to 1.5 hours long. Your immersion must be completed within 6 months. (You may also choose a 3 hour block once a month, face to face if local.)

If you have not worked with me before, please book a single stewardship session first, to see if this work is right for you.

To apply for the six-month immersion, please click here. Your application will help me get to know you and your business better, and assess how best I might serve you. I will review your responses, and get back to you within three business days. If I feel you’d be better served by a different offering, I will let you know that too.

Sessions take place twice a month, over the phone, and are up to 1.5 hours long. (You may also choose a 3 hour block once a month, face to face if local) I recommend calling in from somewhere quiet, private, and comfortable. We will both call in to my bridge line, which offers local dial-in access numbers from locations around the world

We’ll arrange a schedule of two sessions each month for six months. Between sessions, you are welcome to email me with updates, and anything you’d like me to review before we meet for our next session. I will read everything you send me, and will respond during our next session if not before.

If you must cancel an appointment, please let me know at least 96 hours (four days) in advance. This time is being held for you — missed appointments and late cancellations will not be rescheduled or refunded.

Payment is monthly in advance @$2000 per month, or $11,500 if paid upfront in full. Upon payment, you’ll be provided with your call-in numbers and we will agree on a schedule. You’ll have seven months from your date of payment to complete your series of twelve sessions.

This mentoring immersion is a six-month (twelve-session) commitment. The cost is $11,500 when paid in full at the time of registration (Australian residents add 10% GST), or $2,000 if paid monthly. The program fee is non-refundable.

To apply.

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