Why do we find integrity so hard?

Today a client asked me…what is the opposite or dark side of diversity? The place where it is acceptable to malign a person for their colour, or sex, or religion, or..?  He was asking because in his world he has been observing the dark side of humanity manifest under the aegis of the continuing global financial crisis. People finding it … Read More


Valentines Day. 2012. What’s love got to do with it? No matter your status, single, coupled, an anti valentine kind of person…or whatever… the least we can do today is to make a commitment to LOVE. More. Make a vow today to BE love. To smile in kindness at everyone, or at least at one total stranger. Be brave. Send … Read More

2011 Annual Review: Humility, Gratitude and WOW

WOW because sometimes there are just no words in the English language to explain the feeling of gob smacking awesomeness when a light that you have been working your arse off to find suddenly comes ON. I have always found this process to be incredibly powerful. Each year I marvel at just how far I have come. Either I am … Read More

Year review – endurance running and swimming

In 2011 I ran at least 3,380 kms in total. (I have run over 50,000 kms in the last 16 years.) Swam  approximately 572 kms I ran my 8th Gold Coast Marathon on very limited training (maximum run distance was 18 kms..for non-marathon runners, you usually train up to 37 kms in one run) and came in with a 3 … Read More

deScrooging Christmas, or any day..

Don’t you love the experience of being gob smacked by people surprising the heck out of you in the best way? Today I met with a long standing client who is a senior executive in a big Australian Corporate. He is on his 3 months long service leave, and was in my area, so we made time for a coffee. … Read More

You Unique Pattern Integrity – Part 2

What is the gap between what you are capable of doing, and what you are doing? What is the fullest expression of your pattern integrity? If we used a scale to measure this, with 10 being fully expressing our pattern integrity, and zero  not expressing it at all, where are you on the scale? The gap describes all of our … Read More