Endings and Beginnings, transit from 2012

2012 is closing. Lets be sure to have it close completely clean.This is a great time to review the year, to sink into the lessons, to really celebrate the wins. And I mean celebrate. (This article was written for my private clients. However, it is a really wonderful way to complete the year, so I thought to share it far … Read More

Shaming and Blaming

For years now when ever I have heard a prank call on the radio I have changed stations. I hate them. They are not funny, they are about shaming people. Listening to them hurts me. I feel for the person, and I feel my own shame and humiliation at being party to their shame. So I turn them off. I … Read More

Stepping up, letting go..

In some areas of our life we are all being called to step up. I know I am. It required a complete break down and break apart to get this. The universal shake up. A BIG shake up. In the last few months I have experienced the slow then rapid ‘death’ of the form of my work that has sustained … Read More

Remembering Daffodils in the Dark of Winter

I am learning also to trust life. To trust in the perfection of the imperfect. The greatness of the horrible. The soaring majesty of deep emotional pain. I am far from being fully trusting, and yet I am much further to trusting than ever before. I am discovering freedom. Not the stuff you read about in books on financial freedom, … Read More

Abundance is an inside job

I woke in the very early hours of a morning this last week aware of a hollow feeling in my body. It felt like the whole of my chest cavity was empty. This for me is the feeling of scarcity. An emptiness. It is often also accompanied with fear and panic. As I mentioned in the last blog, I have … Read More

Wild rides, seeing love in the unseen places

What a ride. This last period of my life has been the most difficult, and the most extraordinary of any time. I find myself, as October blooms in 2012, at this place, only weeks into my 52 year, at the beginning of a new identity. And life. For the first time in my life I know with certainty that I … Read More

To the underworld and back, surrender, trust and the myth of Inanna

It has been a descent. And in my descent I reach for the myths to sustain me. I turn to Inanna, the Sumerian (Iraq) Goddess of Love, Fertility and Warfare. Inanna decided to descend to the underworld to pay respects to her sister Ereshkigal’s dead husband. She dressed herself as a Queen for the journey, in robes and jewels of … Read More