What Lies Beneath?

Over the Easter weekend my beautiful little dog of 13 years, Muffin, went missing. She had just had a bath and so was without any from of ID. Her normal collar has her name and our phone number on it. How she got out, I have no idea. She has never escaped before. Muffin is mostly blind and deaf, and … Read More

At What Price Integrity in the Workplace

I am reasonably smart women, very well read, able to converse with pretty much anyone on many issues, able to see complexity as well as most of the most able, and yet I feel I  suffer in the world I work in, because I haven’t done a few things. I haven’t: Built a multi million dollar company. Made millions. Held … Read More

That Sweet Moon Language – poetry of Hafiz and our search for love

One of my beloved evening practices, just before I fall asleep, includes the reading of some mystical poetry. I have fallen deeply in love with the poetry of Hafiz. I find Daniel Ladinsky’s translations beautiful. (See “The Gift,” or “The Subject Tonight is Love,” or “I Heard God Laughing.”) His ecstatic joy sings from every line and word. A few … Read More

Take Your Time – Challenging the way we see through art

On my last trip to Sydney I was given a gift of experience. One of my teachers often said that great gifts come in small brown paper packages. This was one of those small brown package gifts. Meeting up with the awesome Gavin Blake, Graphic Facilitator extraordinaire, he invited me to go to the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art , … Read More

A Perfect Sunday Morning on the Gold Coast

  My regret today was I didn’t have a camera to capture some of the incredible beauty. I was running, so camera’s may be difficult to carry. I have to hold the perfection in my soul instead. Given the high temperatures and humidity we have been having, my group of running friends and I have switched our Sunday run from … Read More

Simplicity on the other side of illusory complexity

Want to loose weight? Eat less food (preferably eat fresh local food) Get more exercise. Want to get out of debt? Spend less money. Pay off your debts first. Want to be happy? Stop thinking miserable thoughts. Do more of what you love with people you love. Want to make a difference? Think about the short, medium and long term … Read More

In Gratitude – Reflecting on 2009

I love this time of year. I love that in my world it is HOT, that swimming in the ocean after a run is like drinking water from a well in the dessert, that people get together and celebrate more. Especially I like the quiet days after Christmas when I get to draw breath and review the year. From September … Read More

Boy do we make things complex….

Take climate change for example. Yep there is a lot of competing evidence one way of another, and sure, there are so many stakeholders with so many fingers in so many pies….but really guys, have we forgotten the basics? The giant elephant in the room is that we, and I mean all of us, need to take responsibility for the … Read More