Measure what matters

What we love to measure now. In business How much profit we make, our costs, efficiency, performance, ROI, sales. In life How much money we make, how heavy we are, how much stuff we have, how young we look, how we compare with Jill and Bob and Paul and Sue. How would life be if we measured things like.. Has … Read More

We need to screw business as usual. Do you dare?

We are beyond the industrial era where people have an education designed to make them compliant performers. We need more creative non conformists. We have people, classified as leaders of industry, receiving obscene salaries for making equally obscene profits for bloated companies that may or may not actually contribute any value to society. They are no longer seen as ‘somebodies’ … Read More

Business in 30 years. Are you brave enough to ask the hard questions today?

I am not an oracle, but I can state with almost complete certainty that in 30 years we will not be getting our energy from fossil fuels of any nature. Our transport and energy needs will be supplied by the sun, wind, waves and other renewable sources. Buildings will become net energy producers. The energy grid will be networked, similar … Read More

Remembering the source code of business and relationships

It all starts with a seed. A first thought. A tiny little something that looks like nothing. Whether it be a human, a tree, a business and nation…every act of creation starts at the infinitesimal level. When we forget the source code things begin to go wonky. When the United States of America forgets its source code, it forgets itself. … Read More

Contrast and privilege, citizenship of Spaceship Earth

Two events occurred that had me consider today’s post. *I read an article that had me consider if I should remain invested in being a change agent. The article suggested that by focusing our effort into the world we might well be ignoring the very people who are close to us, and that maybe it is better to focus our … Read More

On the days our courage fails us

We all have these days. You know you need to face something. Make a call, speak to your spouse. Take an action that you have been avoiding. We know that if we try to ignore the action we need to take, it will still be there the next day. And the next. The shadow of it will inhabit our dreams, … Read More

Fear – the relinquishing of authority

No one is exempt from fear. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from the wave of weakness that engulfs us like a tsunami, to the dull sick feeling gnawing away on the fringes of our consciousness, to the prickle of skin. It keeps us awake at night. We eat and drink too much to try and silence its presence. … Read More

Change, addiction to growth and the development of the interiors

‘If change is happening faster on the outside than the inside, then the end is nigh.’ Jack Welsh. I happen to agree with Mr. Welsh. Sadly few businesses spend any time on this. Or few relationships of any nature. Our Western mind, our business schools, our education system trains us all to focus on the results on the outside. The … Read More

How do you keep score? All-in-cost, integral accounting and real value.

Our society is brought up on measuring and keeping score. We don’t even realise how much we do this. We will immediately look at someone’s clothes, shoes, car, hair, skin colour….and make massive assumptions about their status in society. Over the course of the last 50 plus years business has been reduced to keeping score in one domain only. Return … Read More