There is no There to throw away to

On the weekend I finally tackled the horror that was my garage. For the last few years it has been the holding place for stuff in between. In between usefulness, in between relevance, in between new/fresh and old/gone. Then the horror. Which hurts me physically, even now as I write this. All the old video tapes, broken things..piles of these, … Read More

The Pursuit of Happiness

Much has been written about happiness in recent times. While I am a fan of being happy, why place the search for happiness at the centre of our existence? For one to know true happiness one must also know the depths of despair. Yet we avoid despair, and when we are in despair, we see ourselves as if we have … Read More

On the subject of Grant Hackett

While I do not know Grant personally, I swim at his home pool, and watched him train for years. I watched him show up for kids, for fund raisers, always with a smile. He is a big guy, but he always came across as being kind and thoughtful. He was raised by very good people, and this shows. As an … Read More

Waking from Slumber. The question is, will we wake in time?

Interesting that the myth of Snow White has been brought back to the big screen in various iterations in the past few months. The great beauty Snow White, kind and caring of all of life, succumbing to a poisoned sleep by the jealous wicked Queen, a women consumed with a rapacious hunger for beauty, youth, and the sweet life with … Read More

Play small or live out loud?

Rejection from others starts with rejection of ourselves This is how it happens.. You are at a party. You meet someone you’d like to get to know better. But you hold back a little of yourself because you really want this person to like you. You have a story that if you be fully authentically you, they may not like … Read More

Beaten down by life, daring greatly

I have allowed myself to be beaten down by life. There…I said it. I have seen just how much I have let this be so. How much I have given up on dreams, how I have become afraid to step back into the arena once again, in case I fall flat. Again. How I moved to this place one micro … Read More

Addicted to Speed? The super busy, frantic pace kind of speed.

Addicted to speed, love the Adrenalin rush? The burn of months of full on days, little sleep, insatiable doingness? High from feeling super busy, hard to reach, important? Ego out of control, but under the illusion of total control. Can’t sit still, and if you could, why would you? Sitting still is for other people. You have things to do, … Read More