The Field Effects of Our Every Action and Thought

  – A process for comprehensive consideration of all that we do, say, think… Part 1. Awaken to and illumination of… This process is to support the awakening of people to the field effects of their every action and thought. If we drop a very small pebble into a pond, ripples will go out from where we dropped the pebble, … Read More

Breakdown USA

I was 23 years old when I first visited the USA. I spent four months there, traveling through about 40 states. Since that time I have been back over 45 times. Today I read a wonderful piece in the Huffington Post by the very insightful Caroline Myss. I have not been paying too much attention to US politics since Obama’s … Read More

Creative Integrity

  The future will require creative integrity from those of us who aspire to move ever more towards comprehensive consideration of the natural design of Universe. We are in between worlds. The death of the old and the birth if the new. In this place of great change and upheaval, there also exists the crucible of creativity. Positive Deviants know … Read More

Your Unique Song Inside

  I am of the belief that while all of us are special in our own way, it is our very uniqueness that makes us so. We all have a song inside that is unique to us. While I get angry at parents that tell their child that they are so special as if other children are not, and that … Read More

Leadership Alchemy – developing leaders in complex times

Alchemy= “A science (no longer practiced) that sought to transform one chemical element into another through a combination of magic and primitive chemistry. Alchemy is considered to be the ancestor of modern chemistry.” The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy The wonderful books I have been reading of late, such as Joshua Cooper Ramo’s “The Age of the Unthinkable” … Read More

Finding the Right Support Team

Hmm…I love my life, and feel so very grateful for the richness of it. Yet I know I must find the right support team..or I am going to start breaking down…alternatively…I need to take some things off my plate…which I prefer not to do.  I feel this sense of push pull…that wonderful paradox of tension and compression. Breath in, breath … Read More

My Definition of Success-How Lucky am I?

At some point I arrived at a definition of success that was rooted in my choices. That for me to be successful meant that I was honouring my intuitive guidance no matter what. I was successful if I paid attention to my deepest truth, and lived by that. This still works for me and is my challenge and joy. It is certainly not the easiest road, as there are times when my ego wants something very much…like status and recognition. Or when the opportunity to make a lot of money is oh so very tempting even though I know my heart and soul would not resonate with the opportunity and my spirit would be prostituted.

City Of God, Rio de Janeiro

I had not really heard of the City of God, at least not enough to know anything about it. Was it a book or a movie? Yes, a movie was made in 2002. I hadn’t seen it. It was nominated for an Academy Award in the foreign language section. I have it now to watch. Here I was on a … Read More

Forever Beta – never perfect, always emergent

Give up the thought of creating a product that is fixed in time. We are now in a world of forever beta. Constant emergence, constant improvement, constant change. And speedy too, faster every day. Just imagine if you lived as if this were true all the time, in everything you do? Welcome to that world. Fast Forever Beta…technology, blogging, software, … Read More