Not Afraid Enough – naming ‘he who cannot be named’

“Instead of medicating ourselves on shopping, food, drugs, alcohol, eternal youth, gossip, reality TV, and intense narcissism as a way to avoid facing what we feel in our increasing fear, far better to step deep into the fear, to speak the truth, and name the devil. For ‘he who cannot be named’ does indeed have a name. Dare we speak … Read More

On a Sunday morning run

It was freezing. Well freezing for us from the Sunshine state of Queensland. About 6 C (42F). Our homes are built for the heat, so in winter they are often cold, and we do not use heating. Getting out of bed in winter on a cold dark Sunday is hard. But I knew it would be worth it. I couldn’t … Read More

Gold Coast Marathon 2011

I have lost count, but counting is not that important. I am heading to 20 marathons in total, which has included New York (twice), Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Big Sur, Sydney (pre Olympic, and on the actual Sydney Olympic Marathon Course), a marathon at the back of the New Zealand Ironman, and 8 or 9 local Gold Coast marathons. Still to … Read More

Who’s to Blame? Hmm–let’s start with the man in the mirror.

How did we get to this place? The place where the first response to anything we don’t like is to find someone or something to blame? Our complete abdication of any form of responsibility makes me sick to the stomach. The co-valent pair of blame is victim-hood. The moment I blame anyone or anything I immediately reduce myself to becoming … Read More

High Frequency Tunable Sets – When our sensory perception collides with our biology

Like a very high frequency tunable radio set, our ability to pick up and send energetically, instantaneously, to multiple people, within our Universe is advancing at a rapid pace. Our biology is struggling to keep up with our energetic tunability. We expect human biology to stay the same. But like everything, our biology, and specifically, our neurology, is undergoing accelerated … Read More

Resurrecting the language of the sacred in a post-truth world

When I was a little girl I used to go to Sunday school. I don’t remember much about it, except that we would dress up for this occasion. At the time we lived in the West Coast of Tasmania, where it was very cold and very wet. Religion was never discussed in our family. Sunday school was more of a … Read More

Silence is the new loud

A few weeks ago I wrote about getting back to basics. Part of that was to spend 10 minutes every morning and evening in silence. Not necessarily meditation, although it may be, not always prayer, although that may be there, not even contemplation. Silence was the key. I find this easy to do in the evening, before sleep, when I … Read More

Integrity in marketing

Posted on his Facebook page, this comment by Michael Richardson created a very significant and rich dialogue. Okay, so I just decided to no longer prostitute my email address for “free stuff”. Everyone and her mother in the, cough, “spiritual community”, is putting on “Free Teleseminars or Calls” or some such bs. Well, it’s not free. My email address, a … Read More

Practicing Commitments

There has not been much written of late, from yours truly. That is not to say that there has not been much going on, or even too much going on to find time to write. There just hasn’t felt like there has been anything to say. I have been struggling between the dictum that says writers should write as a … Read More

The Majesty of Morning

I have never been a meditator, at least not in the sitting still form of meditation. My running and swimming are my form of meditation. And these two activities are an habitual part of my morning, rain, hail, or shine. In my running there is a space, an expansiveness, at time out from all of the competing commitments. This morning, … Read More