Beauty of Beginnings – February 28th | Beauty of Beginnings

Gentleness. To be soft. Kind. To put away the tools with which we beat ourselves up for not being enough. To yield. Relax. To turn towards with a warm embrace. To be gentle to self is to allow a pure conscious breath to connect us back to our own Source, our Soul. To notice that we too are here, worthy … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 27th | Beauty of Beginnings

The price of living and practising integrity, vulnerability and authenticity is high in a world that has made them cheap. Therefore to live integrity, to be real and open, is the exception. Be the exception.   Photo Taken May 28th 2016 *Beauty is best when shared…so feel free to give the gift of beauty to a friend by forwarding. Thank you xx … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 26th | Beauty of Beginnings

Reverence. To stand in awe of. Not diminished. Humbled. Not dominant. Humbled. Grateful. Moved. Touched. Connected. To be reverent is to be present to mystery beyond human cognition. Imagine a world where reverence towards our work, our art, people, our community, the Earth…was a daily practice? Imagine a world where reverence towards self was the ground of your existence? Not … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 25th | Beauty of Beginnings

Sometimes words fail us. They become a lesser form of communicating how we feel. This is why we have art, photography, music, touch, dance, laughter…and tears. So pure in their expression that to reduce them to another form diminishes the transmission. Bathe in the magnificence of this art gifted to us today by nature in her glory.   Photo Taken … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 24th | Beauty of Beginnings

Our art, our heart.. To create our art in the world…to give our all to produce something exquisite, something towards which we have called on our whole self to create.. our life experience to here, our inborn skill, our collective pleasure and pain, our lessons learned through the crucible of time. To birth a poem, an enterprise, a movement, a … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 23rd | Beauty of Beginnings

What does it mean “to work?” To engage in meaningful work? Perhaps if we look at work as involvement in human society then we might begin to honour contribution in a different way. To dishonour so many forms of contribution as we currently do – volunteering, household care, child raising and care, elderly care, opening our address books to give … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 22nd | Beauty of Beginnings

Letting go… Sometimes we pour our love into something, investing our whole selves towards the birth of an idea, a business, a project, a relationship…and despite everything, it fails to become what we had hoped and dreamed. Or people take, and take more, from our generous spirit when we believed they would see us for our giving and honour that … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 21st | Beauty of Beginnings

Falling.. Being reduced to needing to be held. Cared for. Requiring that we put aside our independence and become dependant. Being reminded, all over again, that we are not functional as solitary individuals. Unity is plural. At minimum two.* I am better in partnership. You are better in partnership. Falling to earth, into the humis, the mud and dirt of … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 20th | Beauty of Beginnings

Today I return home after a journey around the world. I have stepped into cultures far from my own. Seen wealth that divides us so completely for its ability to buy almost anything..except of course health, love and true friendship. (And I have these in such abundance I am rich indeed) Walked the path of history, scholarship, education. And travelled … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 19th | Beauty of Beginnings

Fatigue… There is the wonderful satisfying fatigue of doing a really good day of hard physical exercise. There is the fulfilling fatigue of working on a project against the clock until it is done. There is a fatigue from having all of your emotional resources squeezed out of you until your being is desiccated. And there is the fatigue of … Read More