What I’m doing now

I’m on the Gold Coast, Australia, after convening the most extraordinary event, Big Blue Sky, for the second year. 

We are now hard at work on Big Blue Sky 2017 (October 26/27th) plus many other projects that are part of this.

I continue to;
  • Work with partnerships and teams to restore broken relationships to a more healthy and vibrant state
  • Facilitate groups and teams working on strategy, complexity and discord.
  • Work with entrepreneurs and leaders who engage me to explore the call of their 2:23AM moments, seeking to build fully lived lives, beautiful businesses and a world that works for all of humanity.
  • Work with executive teams on relational dynamics (business relationship counseling, so to speak) and Start-up teams to ensure they have their relational dynamics in place from day 1.
  • Work with enterprises who would like to move towards self managed organisations, creating teams of diverse people self motivated to do moonshot projects with minimal human upset. For more see this article.
  • Squad swimming 2 times and running 3 times a week, early early early in the day, plus beach walking twice a week.
  • Writing the blog every week.
  • Taking Sunrise photo’s and moving towards publishing a Day Book, “The Beauty of Beginnings”
  • Continuing to build amazing relationships with people who are up to major mischief world wide.

Those are my priorities.

At this stage in life I have the luxury of choosing what I say Yes to…and what I decline. I say Yes to breathtaking projects that are crafted with the intent to serve humanity. I say Yes to people who arrive with open hearts and generosity. I say Yes to synchronicities. I say Yes to the pull of my 2:23AM moments. I say Yes to love in all forms. I say Yes to people who are dedicated to building new models vs rearranging the deck chairs. I say Yes to walking my dog, sharing coffee time with my daughter at the beach, Saturday naps on the couch, and getting lots of sleep.

I only do things for intrinsic reasons — for what I deeply care about that calls to me.

My main act of public service other than Big Blue Sky is answering emails from strangers, so feel free to email me.

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was late January 2017

Photo of me with the 2018 Commonwealth Games Mascot, Borobi.