Most every Sunday(USA)/Monday(AUS), I Send You a Letter…from my heart to yours.

My letters to you contain essays and invocations that aren’t usually published anywhere else and they’re exceptional, I promise. Real, raw, contemplative, uplifting, poetic.

Occasionally I’ll let you know about projects I am working on that you may be interested in being a part of, often for a fee. Sometimes I host events.  And I do work with a small handful of change making social entrepreneurs who are creating beautiful, healthy, gorgeous mischief.

(You don’t have to say yes to anything. I write because it is what I have always done, and your reading my writing is enough. But if you want to work with me on your Impact project I do have services available.)

I do love hearing from you. As in I really I do. So say hi…and I will get back to you in person. I am always delighted when someone shares my work, because we do need some good virus’s to counterbalance the not-s0-good ones that are interweb rampant, so share away…

Are you in? I hope so.





Tales from the Frontier

A personal update by Christine on life at the frontier of creating beautiful business and communities of service as a pioneering entrepreneurial misfit.

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Occasionally we point you to outstanding quality material from around the web that is relevant to  the call of your 2.23AM moments.

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