How to build a Beautiful Business by staying true to the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea, becoming the leader you seek and creating self-managed teams.

Integrity Architect for Beautiful Business

Integrity is the only path where we never get lost.

A 6 to 12 month program of Coaching, Mentoring, Organisational Design, Leadership Development and Strategic Foresight. 

By application only.

Your business has a Pattern Integrity. This Pattern Integrity was created in the Source Idea.

When you stay true to that Pattern Integrity and become a leader/steward of the Source Idea, you will create a business that reflects your deepest values while serving humanity.

When you invest in your development and the development of your culture and all of your people, the saying, culture eats strategy for breakfast, will be demonstrated as True.

Becoming a steward leader will enable you to focus on what matters while maintaining a vibrant whole life.


Here is what I know

"I started working with Christine because I was lost. I had everything but had nothing. My private life and business life all melted into one.

Christine has the ability to clean your mind, make you see things in a different light and send you away with a new sense of energy and vigour towards life, relationships and business. She is one of the most amazing people I have met. Very few people have touched my life and changed it for the better the way she has."

"I have utilised Christine’s services over the past 12 years. In that time I’ve found myself 

 • find a level of self awareness and self service that has enabled me to live to a much greater potential

 • integrate quality habits and thinking frameworks into all my relationships

 • seek and expect from myself a higher level of truth and realness in my life

 • be able to far more authentically deal with challenges in a honest and open way – without reverting to negative behaviours 


Simon Kalinowski

Australasian Auctioneering Champion 2010

 Cindy Forde

CEO, Mandalay Technologies

Jason Andrew

"Working with Christine? Discovering that the thing on your back that wouldn’t go away was actually a pair of wings. You get the flight manual too!"

What people say

*Vision and Mission warp where we slowly trade our values, strategy and integrity for profit, status and power.

*Uncertainty, doubt and loss of confidence in our decision making and leadership capability.

*The feeling of isolation most founders and leaders experience.

*Overwhelm that comes with a rapidly growing business with many moving parts.

*Fragmented teams and communication breakdowns, lack of accountability and coherence.

As an Integrity Architect I work to prevent

Building to Serve - Outcomes of working with me

The thread of integrity is evident in all domains of your enterprise, from within, to without.

You have co-created coherent, fast paced, self managed teams with little requirement for oversight. This has removed a significant layer of hierarchy and cost and increased the ability for flow and speed.

You have built a deliberately developmental organisation where culture is as important as strategy. Your people come to work bringing their best selves while also being able to work together within the community of your business.

You are a far better leader - able to stay your ground in most circumstances, handle multiple perspectives and ask excellent questions. You are not afraid of your own authority, and yet the requirement to exercise it is minimal.

You and the organisation have the ability to adapt to and respond to complex change. You understand the difference between simple, complicated, complex and chaotic and how to navigate differently in each.

You are in a constant conversation with the future of your business, and have the foresight to make changes strategically in advance because you have the space to consider the future as well as to respond to the needs of the present. 

I am Dr. Christine McDougall and I am an Integrity Architect for Entrepreneurs and Leaders. You might call me your business conscience. Sometimes your courage champion. Always your trusted confidant.

I have built businesses and led teams to do extraordinary things.

My clients and I choose the path of integrity as the only path, tired of business and politics as a finite game of win as much as you can and hypocritical leaders blind to their own self deception. As such, they are the rare few who see a better world through the application of integrity in all domains. No small task, made even harder in a post truth world.

We hold that by building Beautiful Business with integrity as the operating manual we can positively impact 1 Billion people in 10 years.

Together we work on everything from strategy, people, leadership, finance, organisational design, product design and service delivery all through the lens of integrity, vigilant to the inevitable micro and macro violations that tempt us every day, often without us even realising it.

Integrity is the only path where we never get lost.

Let’s walk it together.

 Phase 1. Assessment and Diagnostics 

We arrange times for a full assessment and diagnosis. While this might sound intimidating, having an objective oversight of your business and your leadership style will possibly reveal blindspots that will save you time and money and may provide you with strategies and tactics that will accelerate your impact.

This is the process for getting started and getting to work

The Process




Are we are match?

After you have completed the online application form to ensure we are a good match, we set up a time for the Drawing board session (At a fully refundable fee if we are not a match) to be sure you will get value from working with me and I feel confident delivering you the value you want. After this session ongoing fee’s are agreed for the program duration.

Phase 2. Structural Design and Implementation

We deploy a combination of 1-1 coaching, mentoring, strategy, facilitation, workshops, organisational design and advise to be sure the outcomes are reached. Our relationship is collaborative and partnering, with constant adaptation as required for best results.


Completion. Next Steps

We do a thorough review at a predetermined time and co-create any next steps.

While I believe that Integrity is the best path to real success, it is not the easiest.

We know when we see or experience a business that has integrity as its operating manual. It has an attraction that transcends traditional marketing.

Together let's make Integrity in Business the Future of Business and help change the world for good.

There are no short cuts to integrity

Integrity is the Essence, Christine McDougall  Copyright © 2018