Integrity Architect for Beautiful Business

Integrity is the only path where we never get lost.

How to build a Beautiful Business by staying true to the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea, becoming the leader you seek and building self-managed teams.

A 6 to 12 month program of Coaching, Advisory, Organisational Design, Leadership Development and Strategic Foresight. 

Limited to 3 clients, by application only.

1. Self development as a leader/steward.

Become a leader that can handle complexity, turbulence and massive change while not needing to be the guru, star or dominator. Stay in your centre under any circumstances and conditions. Trust your decision making process. Demonstrate excellent well-being. Be the model.

2. Clarity of the Source Idea - the original impulse and purpose

The level of clarity around the core DNA/Source Idea is critical to ensure the enterprise is constructed to fully express this in every domain. This sets the foundations for Integrity Architecture to be built upon. Often times we start an enterprise and over the course of time violate the very idea we set out to animate. A part of Integrity Architecture is to restore integrity to areas where this has been violated.

3. Structural Integrity of organisational design

Build an organisation that holds integrity as its core under all circumstances. Integrity to its core DNA, values, principles, governance, finance and interactions with all stakeholders. Do as you say in alignment to your values and principles as if your life and business depends upon it -which it does. The business is ‘as within so without’.

6 Domains of Integrity Architecture

4. People, teams, culture

5. Strategy and Implementation

6. Outreach and networking

Create synergistic self-managed teams of extraordinary people who require a very light touch to do magnificent work that exceeds expectations. In the process remove hierarchical layers and inefficiencies, and increase the speed to action. 

Understanding whole systems, being prepared for the emergent future. Getting to work, understanding timing, discerning road blocks from misdirection to needed course correction. Steward the money and other forms of currency elegantly.

Connecting with a vast global network of aligned entrepreneurs across many disciplines and leading many organisations with a significant array of experience.

"I have utilised Christine’s services over the past 12 years. In that time I’ve found myself 

 • find a level of self awareness and self service that has enabled me to live to a much greater potential

 • integrate quality habits and thinking frameworks into all my relationships

 • seek and expect from myself a higher level of truth and realness in my life

 • be able to far more authentically deal with challenges in a honest and open way – without reverting to negative behaviours 

Simon Kalinowski

CEO, Mandalay Technologies

"Working with Christine? Discovering that the thing on your back that wouldn’t go away was actually a pair of wings. You get the flight manual too!"

 Cindy Forde


"I started working with Christine because I was lost. I had everything but had nothing. My private life and business life all melted into one.

Christine has the ability to clean your mind, make you see things in a different light and send you away with a new sense of energy and vigour towards life, relationships and business. She is one of the most amazing people I have met. Very few people have touched my life and changed it for the better the way she has."

Jason Andrew

Australasian Auctioneering Champion 2010

What people say

Building to Serve - Outcomes of working with me

The thread of integrity is evident in all domains of your enterprise, from within, to without.

You have co-created coherent, fast paced, self managed teams with little requirement for oversight. This has removed a significant layer of hierarchy and cost and increased the ability for flow and speed.

You have built a deliberately developmental organisation where culture is as important as strategy. Your people come to work bringing their best selves, while also being able to work together within the community of your business.

You are a far better leader - able to stay your ground in most circumstances, handle multiple perspectives and ask excellent questions. You are not afraid of your own authority, and yet the requirement to exercise it is minimal.

You and the organisation have the ability to adapt to and respond to complex change. You understand the difference between simple, complicated, complex and chaotic and how to navigate differently in each.

You are in a constant conversation with the future of your business, and have the foresight to make changes strategically in advance because you have the space to consider the future as well as to respond to the needs of the present. 

What gives me the right?


I serve as a thought partner and coach to Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Founders, and Innovators on how to build, transform and renew their enterprises.


I am a creator and builder. I partner with founders to develop their venture, playing the role of the business conscience, courage generator and sounding board.


I work with not-for-profits, B corps, social enterprises, co-ops and new forms of enterprise to change systems and achieve lasting social impact.


I am optimised when I partner and synergise. I bring this synergy to my clients.

I am Dr. Christine McDougall and I am an Integrity Architect for Entrepreneurs and Leaders. You might call me your business conscience. Sometimes your courage champion. Always your trusted confidant.

I have built businesses and led teams to do extraordinary things.

My clients and I choose the path of integrity as the only path, tired of business and politics as a finite game of win as much as you can and hypocritical leaders blind to their own self deception. As such, they are the rare few who see a better world through the application of integrity in all domains. No small task, made even harder in a post truth world.

We hold that by building Beautiful Business with integrity as the operating manual we can positively impact 1 Billion people in 10 years.

Together we work on everything from strategy, people, leadership, finance, organisational design, product design and service delivery all through the lens of integrity, vigilant to the inevitable micro and macro violations that tempt us every day, often without us even realising it.

Integrity is the only path where we never get lost.

Let’s walk it together.

There are no short cuts to integrity

While I believe that Integrity is the best path to real success, it is not the easiest.

We know when we see or experience a business that has integrity as its operating manual. It has an attraction that transcends traditional marketing.

Together let's make Integrity in Business the Future of Business and help change the world for good.

Integrity is the Essence, Christine McDougall  Copyright © 2018