My skill is in co-creating profound personal and social behavioural change models that benefit the individual and the surrounding community.

“Christine’s ability to work with clients and navigate the darkest and most restrictive parts of themselves to create the clarity necessary for their personal success is second to none.  With two decades of coaching and behavioural change management experience, Christine work has been entrusted by some of the world’s most intelligent entrepreneurs through to those in the grips of their deepest dark night as well as corporate organisations desiring transformational change.

Christine’s work extends beyond the normal boundaries set by a coach or mentor; her role is that of ultimate trust; to work in complete transparency with clients looking beyond the good and ‘already achieved’ aspects of self and explore the darker, restrictive parts that, for whatever reason, are inhibiting full potential. Christine’s potent combination of sublime intelligence, experience, intuition and compassion allow her to guide clients towards the light within themselves that possesses the greatest clarity, potential and authenticity. It is via the exploration, recognition and nurturing of the previous submerged aspects of us that the greatest opportunities for a shift in behaviour patterns, non-serving self-talk and confusion for the future will occur.

It has been said that Christine McDougall is the supreme lighthouse keeper; consistently there to diligently guide even the most experienced sailors through the rocks that will inevitably emerge in life.”

I have created the technology to enable successful human collaboration, where groups of diverse people who seek to come together to create projects and tools at the enterprise, community or governance level, do so without disintegrating into small, petty self serving behaviour. As part of the collaborative technology, we have tools to ensure all participation and value is recognised and honoured.

If building a self managed organisation interests you, where people nominate their responsibilities and accountabilities and act from that place, all towards the clear organisational goal, I can support you to put the systems in place, and simultaneously steward your leadership development to maintain an agile, resilient and high-speed-to change organisation.

I have vast wealth of relationships with people who are designing and living new models in some of the worlds most broken systems. Finance, the economy, currency, enterprise design, human development, team and business development, intellectual property, communities of persistence, health and well being.

  • I work with a small number of entrepreneurs and leaders to explore their persistent 2:23AM conversations in order to move with clarity towards the work and life that is calling them. This is a profoundly intimate conversation offering the deepest level of trust, respect, listening, reflection, and insight. Few entrepreneurs and leaders recognise the value of a scheduled place to step back, explore their deepest concerns and desires, evolve their behaviours, gain perspective, resolve past and current issues and restore long exiled aspects of self back into the fold of wholeness.
  • I do business relationships counseling, resolving the most intractable relational dysfunctions within executive teams and organisations.
  • I consult on how to build and run successful self managed organisations.
  • I consult on engaging community through social enterprise.
  • I consult on how to create effective, highly functional collaboration

You can reach me direct at christine at