What I can say about me that speaks volumes is that my life has been deeply informed, since my mid twenties, by R. Buckminster Fuller. As in really deeply powerfully informed…model building informed….question everything informed…

What does this mean?

*All of my work starts with Integrity. Easy word to say, hard to live by, even harder to build a life and enterprise with integrity as the foundation. Integrity =wholeness = holds its shape = start with the Universe first.

*I build models. I help others build models. I like to co-build models most of all. “Argue with the model.” I am most passionate about building new models that make the old obsolete. I have built models of organisational design that enable people to thrive as they co-create awesome projects together, without human upset and entirely self managed. Check out The Trust Manifesto for Big Blue Sky.  The result of 30 years of model building. It works. Or relational synergistic design.

*I see systems, human relational geometry… I am constantly on the edge of the future, a frontiers person scanning the horizon for the emergent..I make sense of complexity…

*I know synergy. As an act. That alone my effectiveness is limited. Working in synergy my contribution has the potential to be exponential, able to co-create impossible things, definitely before lunch. (Alice and the White Queen anyone?)

*I know blockchain, and the thoughtful application of technology to enable human thriving. (In distinction to technology ruling humans.) I am on the governance board of Common.is to create a Universal Basic Income within a global virtual community using blockchain and complimentary currency.

*I am fluent in complimentary currency, accounting for value in multiple domains. Let us NOT reduce a shared sunrise to a transaction able to be commoditised. I have studied the global economy and monetary systems since 2006. Because…well because I love to know how systems work, and why the current system is failing so many people and the Earth. And why good people are so easily exploited, their value contribution often marginalised against some other weird measurement. (Amazon will be able to deliver you highly needed new obnoxico by drone, but people cannot access basic health care…?? In what Universe is that OK?)

*Mostly I am in love with the idea of Beautiful Business. When beauty is present, in all domains, then integrity is as well.

If you want to translate this into “What does this mean?”

I am an Integrity Architect for Beautiful Business, Beautiful Life

I know how to create incredible synergistic teams, to remove layers of hierarchy and red tape, to enable people to come to work whole, and work within community, bringing their best selves, to cut out massive expense on departments that are no longer needed when people are self-managed, to ensure that the founders have the structural integrity inbuilt that will ensure they stay strong even when the going gets tough, to remove the high need for legal agreements that strip all creativity out. To rekindle trust.

To ensure integrity at every point, both in human and technology design.

To create things that actually matter to humans, and adds real value.

To consider the consequences, 7 generations down.

To challenge underpinning assumptions that so many of us step right over.

To craft organisations that are deliberately developmental, where people arrive and stay, long term, for love, saving on the revolving door of HR and needing to spend on search for talent. Where talent comes to you, multiplied. Because you have created the kind of culture that people long for.

I know strategy, alignment, how to ask the hard questions that most people deliberately seek to ignore.

How to facilitate groups and teams – through complexity, to develop strategy, through misalignment. How to work with three levels of government, community, business, education, science…to bring people together to work on stuff that matters…because…well because it’s time we did that..

For the history and all the other associated material, check out my linkedin profile.

I do not do excel spread sheets, I am not good at detail unless it is the detail of human relational geometry and communication…and then I don’t miss much.

I am prone to anger, feisty as all heck, and am not afraid to speak truth to lame attempts at power. You will find me defending the voiceless, standing up to the bullies, and naming hypocrisy.

I have been seduced by spell casters once too often, so for the most part have that down. If you treat people and Earth badly, you will be hearing from me. I am a whistleblower and proud of that. I will not tolerate violations of integrity. And, if you see me violating integrity I am up for being held to account.

I have been a single mom of a now 27 year old since she was two. Self employed since age 24…a raging entrepreneur to boot… and a very dedicated athlete, 7 days a week, 360 days of the year, 23 years…and still going.

I will not watch animal movies. They break my heart, even if they have a happy ending. Needless to say I get very emotional about the mistreatment of animals.

I take sunrise beach photos…because beauty gets me all the time. And the ocean is my spiritual home. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram. (and on this blog)

You can reach me direct at christine at 223am.com I hope you do reach out…as I genuinely love connecting with people who are as committed to beautiful business for a more beautiful world as I am.

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2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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