My skill is in co-creating profound personal and social behavioural change models that benefit the individual and the surrounding community.

“Christine’s ability to work with clients and navigate the darkest and most restrictive parts of themselves to create the clarity necessary for their personal success is second to none.  With two decades of coaching and behavioural change management experience, Christine work has been entrusted by some of the world’s most intelligent entrepreneurs through to those in the grips of their deepest dark night as well as corporate organisations desiring transformational change.

Christine’s work extends beyond the normal boundaries set by a coach or mentor; her role is that of ultimate trust; to work in complete transparency with clients looking beyond the good and ‘already achieved’ aspects of self and explore the darker, restrictive parts that, for whatever reason, are inhibiting full potential. Christine’s potent combination of sublime intelligence, experience, intuition and compassion allow her to guide clients towards the light within themselves that possesses the greatest clarity, potential and authenticity. It is via the exploration, recognition and nurturing of the previous submerged aspects of us that the greatest opportunities for a shift in behaviour patterns, non-serving self-talk and confusion for the future will occur.

It has been said that Christine McDougall is the supreme lighthouse keeper; consistently there to diligently guide even the most experienced sailors through the rocks that will inevitably emerge in life.” Louise McGregor


Since 1998, I have worked with Executive Teams and Leaders in large multinational corporations as an external consultant/coach. Companies include ANZ, NAB, Set George, Nokia, Fonterra, ATO. This work was predominantly at the intersection of leadership development, team cohesion, culture, strategy and outcomes. I was also a part of a large scale cultural change program at a very big financial institution.

I have fluency and ease at the Board level of large and small Corporations and Institutions, as well as in the Start Up and Entrepreneurial space, having advised to and worked within both areas. I was a founding Board member of the International Coach Federation USA (1998 to 2003) in the last year as VP. This is a NFP global organisation. I was responsible for the development of the coaching profession in Australia and Europe which included setting up local chapters, writing the constitution, setting up the legal entity, and professional regulation.

In 2000 I created a program for ANZ to be delivered throughout Australia and NZ. This program, Dare to Care, was designed to support performance management. It became much more than that, and has been taught within businesses and to individuals around the world. The program teaches people, in a very practical way, how to have the most difficult conversations, speaking the truth without causing breakdown and damage. (the ebook Speak the Truth -available on this site- is the foundational part of this program.)

For the last 5 years I have been a bi-annual guest lecturer at Bond University Business School – Entrepreneurship, teaching Integral Theory/adult human development/understanding large scale value systems and how to use this tool to read  and respond to the market.

I have created the technology to enable a diverse group of people to come together to co-create Moonshot type projects and to do so without human upset and entirely self managed. I now teach Relational Synergistic Design, which is based on direct experience, accumulated and implemented over 30 years.

I co-Founded Big Blue Sky Event, an annual gathering of omni-disciplines on the Gold Coast to explore new models of business, finance, environmental care, health, education, organisational design and civic engagement, with the intent to create a co-ordinating space for citizens, business and government to work together on the future we want to see.

I am part of a global team of extraordinary people who make up ROCeteer, providing solutions to enterprise and leadership problems across the spectrum from human to leadership to UX and design.

I am highly versed in the global economy, fintech, international trade, development and innovation.

I have vast wealth of relationships with people who are designing and living new models in some of the worlds most broken systems. Finance, the economy, currency, enterprise design, human development, team and business development, intellectual property, communities of persistence, health and well being.

What I offer, specifically

Interpersonal and Communication skills development –
*Dare to Care – How to Speak the Truth with compassion – 2 day workshop
*Speak Truth to Power – respectfully, plus ebook
*Giving robust feedback that is received with gratitude
*Conversation for Understanding – crossing the uncrossable divide
*Clean Clear Communication for exponential, diverse and vibrant teams.
*Asking beautiful questions that invite elegant change.
*Integral Theory – a powerful tool for understanding diverse perspectives

Coaching and Facilitation for leaders/entrepreneurs and their teams
*Having the most courageous conversations, including the one you need to have with yourself.
*Healing the walls that divide. Business relationship counselling to turn commercial conflict back towards harmony.
*Working within complexity and chaos with elegance.
*Strategic foresight for an accelerating future.
*Developing leadership capability and capacity for exponential change.
*Organisational design – translating large scale systems change to granular human action.

Alchemical Partnering – convening, co-ordinating, facilitating synergy and transformation –
*Big Blue Sky events and community.
*Introductions between people that create business partnering possibilities.
*Relational synergistic design – how to build extraordinary, high functioning, self managed teams working on Moonshot projects – workshops and training.

Writing/speaking/teaching – on any and all of the above
*800 published articles – on meaning, work as a pilgrimage to identity, beautiful business, leadership development, communication skills, personal and social change
*1 self published book – Speak the Truth
*Regular guest lecturer Integral Theory Bond University Entrepreneur class
*A dozen interviews for podcasts – the future of business, new models of governance, finance, and organisational design.
*Many speaking engagements globally.

How I work – Building Beautiful Business – Creating All Human Thriving

We ARE our word. To ourselves and to others.

Our culture generates our strategy.

Our culture speaks to the world of what we care about and why.

Our culture and relationships are evident in our actions and behaviours.

What we do and how we do it is supported by elegant systems and structures.

Our systems and structural design tell the world about what we value and why we value these things.

We are always in a conversation with the future, the emergent, and the past – inviting questions in the present as to what we can do that is comprehensively considerate of the wellbeing of our grandchildren.



You can reach me direct at christine at