How to massively expand your Universe – overcoming rejection

Some time ago I was sitting with my mentor and he said that I had to get over my fear of rejection. This fear, he had observed, was what was stopping me having everything I desired. I knew he was right. Rejection is situational. I have no issues with being rejected in many arena’s, yet I am paralysed by fear … Read More

Sky drama – the beauty of pure raw emotion

Even the sky has drama. One day clear and blue, another angry and yellow. But do we judge the sky for its drama? Do we try to change it? Or can we see the beauty in the drama? That the dark clouds and the passage of light make something so unique and unforgettable. Human emotion is like the clouds….some days … Read More

Attention without feeling is only a report

“Attention without feeling is only a report” Mary Oliver One of the saddest aspects of our current commercial, success, status and achievement based culture is that we have taught millions of kids, mostly men, to grow up completely disconnected from their heart, feelings and intuition. In a recent experience I came to realise that I was being seen not as … Read More

Creating a safe space where the wild part of us can make an appearance

We each have a wild part of us. Raw, instinctual, unrefined. Able to live off the land, to survive against odds. It has a home territory. It shy’s away from anything that is not known, from crowds, and noise…it looks out at the world as an observer. It will not come out until the course is clear. Our wild animal … Read More

Allow dark times to season you

On this my first post for the New Year 2015, it might appear strange that I elect to quote from Hafiz. But in the closing out of one year and the commencement of the next, we have the opportunity to perform our own alchemy. To take the dark times and turn them into light. Wisdom comes from allowing ourselves to … Read More

What breaks you, and why knowing matters to leadership?

We all have our breaking points. Our soft underbelly. The places we can be shamed and humiliated. But their flavour and access points are usually different for each person. One person may be iron willed at work, and a puddle of emotion at home. Another may be able to stand every human affliction but break when he sees an animal … Read More

This too shall pass

Am I on the same beach seeing the same sun? Each day so very different. Same beach same sun same ocean. I am reminded that the words of the wise from time immemorial are evidenced every day… This too shall pass. This. Too. Shall. Pass. The cycles of time are constant. From second to second, life to life. Birth to … Read More

Habits, commitments and sabotage

I have some wonderful habits. 20 plus years of early morning exercise that keeps me young, fit, vital and alive. So much a habit that I hardly need to think about it, and I certainly do not argue with myself about getting up any more. I also have some habits that need to be discarded. Most of them are habits … Read More