Beauty of Beginnings – April 20th | Beauty of Beginnings

Dissonance occurs when there is a lack of harmony between notes. A pattern interrupt. Nature has a harmonic. When we humans leave nature alone, the harmonic is evident. Even in the midst of a violent storm, the pattern is evident. Our ability as humans to tune into dissonance, to be aware of the pattern interrupt, is both intrinsic and able … Read More

Time for the Declaration of Human Responsibility to counterbalance and make honest the Declaration of Human Rights | Rights, responsibilities and integrity architecture

It is time to balance the Declaration of Human Rights with the Declaration of Human Responsibilities. Now that would be an evolutionary step. We have rights..but what about rights AND responsibilities? On December 10th, 1948 in Paris the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This very significant declaration is held in theory as a practice … Read More

Discounting Value

Almost every human I have met wants to be appreciated for their essential value. Just what is that? What is our essential value? And how, in our scientific Cartesian reflexiveness, do we measure that? We are very bad at it as humans. As enterprise. The pain I have experienced in my life is because of a failure to be seen … Read More

Win Win Win – going for the infinite game

Holding the space for a win win win and the infinite game is a way of being in life. To sincerely come from the place of triple win we must have transcended our need to win over someone or something. From the outset, this principle of the triple win demands that we stay in the conversation until all three parties … Read More

Attended to

Relationships do not break down in one fell swoop. Just as atrocities do not start large. The signs are evident, but for want of attention. We neglect to attend to the things that we want the most. This is how we sabotage. We shut down the small whispers that tug at our consciousness in the dark hours. The odd feeling … Read More