Massive Action Now – Because Tomorrow is too late

Why Massive Action Now? If you are like most people, you are feeling the earth shifting under your feet, unsure about your next step and whether it will land on solid ground. Having a sense of security is becoming an elusive memory. Uncertainty rules the day. Even if you are in a very secure situation, you cannot but help feel … Read More

Leadership Development and the Future of Business

What is the Future of Business and why is Leadership Development important? Well, since I am not a psychic nor of divine providence, I, like you, can only guess. However, there are some clear writings on the multitude of walls around the world. Here are some of the writings I am seeing clearly written. 1. BIG changes are in place. … Read More

Positive Deviants – characteristics

Who are Positive Deviants? A deviant is someone who departs from the norm. They don’t do things the usual way. A positive deviant is someone who departs from the norm in a way that adds value versus creates pain. Characteristics of a Positive Deviant. Very open, curious and willing to explore ideas. A positive deviant knows that staying in the … Read More