Reconciling the sacred mother archetype

I never had anything to do with children. I don’t believe I had even held a baby until I held my new born daughter. I have always preferred animals. But my destiny was to become a mother. It so happened that I was married when I fell pregnant while on oral contraceptives. I had been suffering from nausea for about … Read More

Who’s to Blame? Hmm–let’s start with the man in the mirror.

How did we get to this place? The place where the first response to anything we don’t like is to find someone or something to blame? Our complete abdication of any form of responsibility makes me sick to the stomach. The co-valent pair of blame is victim-hood. The moment I blame anyone or anything I immediately reduce myself to becoming … Read More

High Frequency Tunable Sets – When our sensory perception collides with our biology

Like a very high frequency tunable radio set, our ability to pick up and send energetically, instantaneously, to multiple people, within our Universe is advancing at a rapid pace. Our biology is struggling to keep up with our energetic tunability. We expect human biology to stay the same. But like everything, our biology, and specifically, our neurology, is undergoing accelerated … Read More

Silence is the new loud

A few weeks ago I wrote about getting back to basics. Part of that was to spend 10 minutes every morning and evening in silence. Not necessarily meditation, although it may be, not always prayer, although that may be there, not even contemplation. Silence was the key. I find this easy to do in the evening, before sleep, when I … Read More

Practicing Commitments

There has not been much written of late, from yours truly. That is not to say that there has not been much going on, or even too much going on to find time to write. There just hasn’t felt like there has been anything to say. I have been struggling between the dictum that says writers should write as a … Read More

The Indomitable Human Spirit

Lucky me. I live on the Gold Coast, in South East Queensland, Australia. It is a beautiful place to live, not big enough to be a city but not too small to be a town. 40 km of beautiful beaches. Fabulous weather, outdoor lifestyle, 1 hour to the nearest city, Brisbane, and 1 hour by plane to Sydney. It is … Read More

Manifesto of conscious men to the divine feminine

Several years ago I spent some time with my good friend Jerome on his visit to my local community. Jerome is an African American, and quite unmissable in a crowd. He is large, tall and has a smile that breaks all rule books on smile dimensions. We were talking about how being black is still such a stigma in American … Read More

First deadly sin – Pride

An exploration of Pride (This is the first in a series of articles.) The first of the seven passions, or seven deadly sins as described by Caroline Myss in her work, “Defy Gravity” is the passion of pride. Lets be clear about how I am defining pride. I am speaking of the experience of having an excessively high opinion of … Read More

On Forgiveness

  Borrow the Beloved’s eyes. Look through them and you’ll see the Beloved’s face everywhere. No tiredness, no jaded boredom. “I shall be your eye and your hand and your loving.” Let that happen, and things you have hated will become helpers. A certain preacher always prays long and with enthusiasm for thieves and muggers that attack people on the … Read More