Not Afraid Enough – naming ‘he who cannot be named’

“Instead of medicating ourselves on shopping, food, drugs, alcohol, eternal youth, gossip, reality TV, and intense narcissism as a way to avoid facing what we feel in our increasing fear, far better to step deep into the fear, to speak the truth, and name the devil. For ‘he who cannot be named’ does indeed have a name. Dare we speak … Read More

The Sacred Art of Creativity

A long time ago, when I was a novice coach, I had a download hit about how to show up in a ‘sales’ conversation. I had been struggling with how to ‘sell’ my services. But I had the dynamic wrong. It was not about me at all. It was not about me forcing myself on people.  It was about the … Read More

Crisis? What crisis?

As a student of history (and I mean a home grown student, not a graduate of any school of history), it occurs to me that there have been many times in the history of Universe, and specifically in the history of human kind in Universe, when we have been faced with unprecedented crises that portended the end of life as … Read More

Take Your Time – Challenging the way we see through art

On my last trip to Sydney I was given a gift of experience. One of my teachers often said that great gifts come in small brown paper packages. This was one of those small brown package gifts. Meeting up with the awesome Gavin Blake, Graphic Facilitator extraordinaire, he invited me to go to the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art , … Read More

Living in the Mystery

  All my life I have been motivated by curiosity. If I do not understand a word, I look up the meaning straight away on Google is my best friend, as is Wikipedia. I love love love that we have the internet and that answers to my questions are at my finger tips. Of course some answers are not … Read More

Creative Integrity

  The future will require creative integrity from those of us who aspire to move ever more towards comprehensive consideration of the natural design of Universe. We are in between worlds. The death of the old and the birth if the new. In this place of great change and upheaval, there also exists the crucible of creativity. Positive Deviants know … Read More

Leadership Alchemy – developing leaders in complex times

Alchemy= “A science (no longer practiced) that sought to transform one chemical element into another through a combination of magic and primitive chemistry. Alchemy is considered to be the ancestor of modern chemistry.” The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy The wonderful books I have been reading of late, such as Joshua Cooper Ramo’s “The Age of the Unthinkable” … Read More

Positive Deviants – characteristics

After years of working in the world of coaching and personal/team development I have finally clarified who I really add value to. There is even a new category for these people. They are called Positive Deviants. Check this out and see if you are a Positive Deviant. (This is my interpretation of who a Positive Deviant is) Who are Positive … Read More