Profit and its illusions – who is really profiting and at what price?

Profit – from Latin profectus ‘progress, profit’, from proficere ‘to advance’. We seek as humans to advance. To make progress. This is a healthy impulse. But at what price? And is it acceptable that one person profits at the expense of another? Or of the community? Or the ecosystem? It is only in the last 60 to 100 years that … Read More

The price of disconnection from Source of productivity

The further we are away from the source the more disconnected we are. And the more disconnected we are the higher the price…in all domains. Take food…most of us now buy it from a supermarket. It comes in packages. It is mass produced. We have no relationship with the farmer or producer. Many people eat their meals disconnected from any … Read More

Part 4. Debt – what to do when you are shamed by debt

If you have debt shame then you are not alone. Take me into any cafe in any city in the Western world and if we asked the question, “Who has debt and who has shame about that?” I would guarantee that you would get at least a 70% response rate. And the people who do not have debt might have … Read More

Part 3. Debt as indenture – the modern form of slavery

Today we will explore debt as indenture. (a contract or legal agreement – historically where someone signed something to agree to work for another for a period of time. Binding someone to labor.) Or, to put it bluntly, the modern acceptable form of slavery. Hmm…you may well ask…is this really what being in debt is all about? And the answer … Read More

When did we begin to assume that numbers are a superior reflection of truth?

Take a moment to reflect of this question, for behind this question is a cascade of unexplored assumptions. Our current world view is built on the numbers. Measurement. Comparison. Growth. Budgets. Forecasts. Business and personal….how much you have, how much you earn, how many friends, how much time, how much you weigh, how many targets you meet, how old you … Read More

Leadership crime and ecocide – what is it and why we are all complicit

The movie “12 years a Slave” opened up a very sensitive subject in the history of humanity. Most of us would watch this movie and wonder how we actually agreed that this type of treatment of humans was acceptable. (This blog is not about the many millions of people who are still in slavery now, a topic for another blog … Read More

Synaptic leaps, dissipative structures- what it takes to really lead

Many years ago I had the privilege of spending 7 days on the Big Island of Hawaii with a group of about 100 people studying the work of Buckminster Fuller. The material we used was a video taken of him speaking to a group over three days…21 hours…as he would describe, the sum of his life’s work. Included in this … Read More

Lost souls, finding pathways, living purpose

Just imagine that our purpose is clearly carved into our being from the beginning. That there is no confusion. No lack of clarity. That the only confusion is the confusion of illusion that you do not know your purpose. That from the moment your were born the flame of clarity was present, but has been almost snuffed out by all … Read More

Sell your cleverness, buy bewilderment

“Sell your cleverness, buy bewilderment.” A bow to Rumi for this quote. What moves people? Awe, surprise and astonishment. The moment we drop our capacity for awe, for being surprised, we fall into the shadow of cynicism. It is easy to fall down this rabbit hole of cynicism. Being burnt by shoddy suppliers, broken promises, woeful customer service. Being broken … Read More