Who stewards the stewards?

Leaders today are asked to make big decisions. Or small decisions that have big consequences. How is it that we find leaders and pension fund managers making decisions that have dyer consequences, repeatedly? Where, for example, they will choose to go with big ‘safe’ brand names even though the brand cost is multiplied and they intuitively know that the value … Read More

Human resources -seriously? Are you happy being a resource?

We know we are in trouble as individuals and people when we are reduced to resources. When our value is measured purely on our ability to provide some predetermined function with all other domains of value being rejected or ignored. Or when we become consumers? We are now measured by how much, or how little we consume. (I have visions … Read More

Stewardship, economics and new leadership

Imagine that instead of being a CEO, or a boss, or a manager, or a leader, we were assigned the task of stewardship? ORIGIN Old English stīweard, from stig (probably in the sense ‘house, hall’) + weard‘ward’ (guardian, keeper, ward) That our role was to steward a company. Steward a team. Steward a community. Or for that matter, steward your … Read More

Making the purpose of business the central attractor

People love to galvanise around a purpose. Purpose gets people out of bed. Or not. When the organisational purpose is central to everything, and I mean everything, there is far less need for carrots and sticks, clocks, performance reviews, and bonus structures. People will volunteer, take responsibility, naturally lead, show up early, leave late, go the extra mile. As a … Read More

ANZAC, Oceans, Sunrise, Gratitude and Love

Blessed am I. I live in a country where it is OK for me to go running alone before dawn while wearing a minimal amount of clothing…without fear. I live by the beach, the climate is warm year round. Barefoot, swimming, sunkissed shoulders…these are routine but deeply felt and never taken for granted. I am wealthy beyond measure. Connected to … Read More

The myth of culture change in organisations

  We have it backwards. Trying to change a culture by focusing on changing the culture. To change a culture start at the only place possible…a deeply felt sense of purpose. Align an organisation around a purpose…heartfelt, soulful, real….have it be the core reason why everything happens…from hiring to marketing to cleaning the toilets….invite everyone to be part of this … Read More

The Money Series Part 2. Male and female currencies

Buckminster Fuller said as one of his generalised principles that Unity is Plural, at minimum two. To go up we must also come down. To move in, we move out. To have colour we must have black and white. To have light we must have dark. Our money system is currently in a dark place. There is no light. It … Read More

Consumerism only makes sense in a dead Universe

Feeding the beast as if there is going to be no tomorrow, the rapacious need for more…these are mere symptoms of emptiness, scarcity, lack. Essential aliveness is regenerative and restorative. If you find yourself with a growing sense of emptiness, if you are caught in an addictive cycle of more stuff, more consumerism, more status, more power, more TV, more … Read More

Accidents do happen – enough of the blame and shame game

  There is negligence, intentional acts, and then there are accidents. No intention, simply everything aligned at exactly the wrong time to create an unexpected and awful outcome. We live in a society that likes to find someone, or something to blame. Ideally one specific person. We have taken children’s play grounds apart because of the fear of damage to … Read More