My Definition of Success-How Lucky am I?

At some point I arrived at a definition of success that was rooted in my choices. That for me to be successful meant that I was honouring my intuitive guidance no matter what. I was successful if I paid attention to my deepest truth, and lived by that. This still works for me and is my challenge and joy. It is certainly not the easiest road, as there are times when my ego wants something very much…like status and recognition. Or when the opportunity to make a lot of money is oh so very tempting even though I know my heart and soul would not resonate with the opportunity and my spirit would be prostituted.

City Of God, Rio de Janeiro

I had not really heard of the City of God, at least not enough to know anything about it. Was it a book or a movie? Yes, a movie was made in 2002. I hadn’t seen it. It was nominated for an Academy Award in the foreign language section. I have it now to watch. Here I was on a … Read More

The Value of Friends

An extraordinary event has occurred in my life this year, one that I am profoundly grateful for. For years I have run on a Saturday from the same spot by the beach. In the beginning there was a group of us who met at 5 am every Saturday morning, summer, winter, rain, or shine. However for various reasons this group … Read More

You teach What You Need to Learn-my current lessons around money

We are going through a collective humpty dumpty moment around our integrity with money. Each and every one of us is being asked to look at our relationship with money and the places we are out of integrity with our money, investments, work, expectations of entitlement…

Life Doesn’t Turn Out As We Expect It – So what! Commit to Truth | Commit to Truth

What did I expect? I expected I would be more successful, according to the ways we define success in our culture. Basically, that I would have more “stuff”. At the least a house, actually several, in a few exotic locations, probably a lot more money, even a relationship. I expected that from the outside view I would fit all the categories of a successful self-made woman. I would be famous and wealthy.