A touch of Grace

Grace meets you right where it finds you, but it does not leave you where it found you. Anne Lamont The thing about despair is that the moment we open ourselves to receiving Grace, Grace will find us. That may be as simple as the sunrise. Or a chat with a seagull. It may be the impulse to get out … Read More

Too much light

The beauty of this photo is that the sun is hidden behind the clouds. The moment it rises above the clouds the definition and dimension of the clouds will be lost. As the observer of many dawns I see the patterns of the clouds on the dawn horizon. Each day unique. Occasionally absent. Several hours into the day if I … Read More

Practice daydreaming

Today I spent some time at the beach. My brain was full from a busy few days of travel and meetings. It was time to not think, not do, not try, not create…to simply be present. The beach is made for day dreaming. Our thoughts seem to flow like the waves, there..then gone…there..then gone. Drifting from one wave to the … Read More

We are nature

Nature brings us back to self. Or perhaps by being in nature we are reminded that we are nature. It is so easy for us to slip into the separate perspective…I…human..am separate from you..nature. I have dominion. I am smarter, better, faster… HAH!! It only takes a storm or earthquake for us to be humbled as to who exactly has … Read More

Finding home

There is something about cold cold mornings…where the air is snap crisp, and each breath is felt. Granted, where I live we do not know real cold..6 C (42 F) to 24 C (75 F) days..and those 6 C mornings are rare. On these cold mornings you know that the horizon will be cloudless, as will the day. This is … Read More

Eavesdropping on dreams – living the clock of the day

Nights are often busy for me. Not with activity, but with the deep clearing of the subconscious. I trust the night to do its work…cleaning out junk to surface what is important. Sometimes I float in the worlds between. Not sure what is real and what is not. This liminal space is quite delicious. I am aware but my inner … Read More

And one day, all too soon, it will be gone

A yacht sails north, walkers enjoy the dawn..the sun rises. Another day, another chance, another breath. It is such a simple thing…to wake each day. Yet it is truly a gift that we so often take for granted. How many people did not wake again today…and how many people today on this morn took their first breath? How many people … Read More

Nature brings us to life

We come alive in nature. Even against our will. It is hard not to settle your feet into the ground, to become present to the touch of the breeze, to slow down your breathing. Is it because nature is alive? And in its aliveness it reminds us of our deadness? Our divorce from things that bring us alive? We have … Read More