On this golden morning seek beauty

A paddleboarder moves towards the light. The mighty sun, not yet cresting the horizon, gives the clouds above a lazer cut fabric like appearance. There is a sense of peace and calm. This is a golden scene. Golden…a word that evokes treasure, beauty, brilliance, wealth, light, expansiveness…. When the world is golden it is hard to imagine pain and suffering… … Read More

Epic Stories, Angry Gods

Sometimes the dawn sky tells an epic story, one of angry Gods, blood spilled on thick dark clouds, whispers of light desperate to seep through.  And yet a calm ocean…as if all in the heavens are seething while we go about our lives in untethered and often painful ignorance. If I were the Gods I might well be seething with … Read More

On being home

I am blessed to live where I do. Home is such a rich word….four simple letters that in their unique combination speak of ground, earth, place, space, relationship, community, rest, nourish, peace, joy, love, birth, death, celebration, shelter….. I could not imagine not loving your home..be that the place you inhabit, the community in which you live or the country … Read More

On hope, New Years, and absolute yes’s

January 1st Rather than stay up to see the fireworks I like to get up early to greet the sun on the first day of the new year. It is the busiest early morning on the beach, with hundreds of people lingering from the night before, and a few, like me, inspired to get up early to see the dawn. … Read More

A more miraculous world

I have so many people to thank for their extraordinary acts of generosity this year. Last year I felt my life was bereft of miracles. I wanted to to be the person who experienced many miracles as a normal part of living. And so it was this year. I am not sure if this was because I opened myself to … Read More

A series of beautiful moments

Life is a series of moments. On this morn this moment lasted but minutes. The pinks suddenly were there…and then gone, swallowed by endless greys. And a few hours later, after my run, sitting in my artisan coffee shop looking out across the Pacific, another moment. The wonderfully skilled barista, Tim, also an artist and musician, fetched his ukulele from … Read More

How do we live in a world so divided?

On this beautiful dawn lies a sea of conflict. I stand here, the energy of the sun penetrating my bones, fueling me through human photosynthesis, knowing that even as I am blessed with life and the opportunity to drink in the gorgeousness of this morn, others are waking to grief, and loss. How do we live in a world so … Read More

A wedding today in the rain

December 12 Rain. More rain. Weddings and PGA Golf and more rain. Nature has a way of reminding us who is in charge. Because…if you are like me, you forget. A colleague said to me that the timing of an event was bad. I too have had this conversation about other peoples events. But I have learned that there is … Read More