Being, Trying and Breaking Through | Effortless effort

Going above and beyond in any domain and breaking through in the way William James writes is about a beautiful combination of letting go of MY neediness and wantingness, and applying effort because we intuitively know that we must get to the other side in order to have the essential self, that part of us that rests in being and truth, rise above the small ego bound self who wants to quit, or finds it too hard, or boring, or painful, or …..?

You teach What You Need to Learn-my current lessons around money

We are going through a collective humpty dumpty moment around our integrity with money. Each and every one of us is being asked to look at our relationship with money and the places we are out of integrity with our money, investments, work, expectations of entitlement…

7 Lessons of Endurance Running applied to life and business | 7 Lessons of Endurance Running applied to life and business

Don’t get caught up in other people’s race. Wow! I do this so very well in running, and have done this so very badly in my life. I have spent too much time in comparison. Look what this person is doing, how well they are going. What is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? BIG lesson here. Again, don’t ignore what others are doing, learn from them, but if you have done all the work, then trust yourself more. A lot more.