To be golden

  Golden…this is what I feel when I look at this scene. There is a richness to natures gold that has allured human beings through out our history. Is this attraction learned, or would a very young child reach for the golden object over all others? To feel golden…to feel as if our own inner light shines golden on others…radiating … Read More

We are nature

Nature brings us back to self. Or perhaps by being in nature we are reminded that we are nature. It is so easy for us to slip into the separate perspective…I… separate from you..nature. I have dominion. I am smarter, better, faster… HAH!! It only takes a storm or earthquake for us to be humbled as to who exactly has … Read More

Finding home

There is something about cold cold mornings…where the air is snap crisp, and each breath is felt. Granted, where I live we do not know real cold..6 C (42 F) to 24 C (75 F) days..and those 6 C mornings are rare. On these cold mornings you know that the horizon will be cloudless, as will the day. This is … Read More

In noticing every day miracles, more miracles occur

At first I thought there was not going to be a photo this morning. And then, this moment, when the sun came through a pocket in the clouds. It so happened that I was also in this spot where a tree provided some contrast. One moment nothing…and then everything. Just like that. This is the nature of life. The nature … Read More

Releasing our failures into the vast Ocean

We carry so much baggage…doesn’t matter how much work we have done on ourselves, our baggage keeps us humble…and human. We carry stories of our past failures, our past disappointments…stories that tell us that we cannot succeed in the future…we carry the patterns of our lineage…inherited myths that we may not even know. A new born baby cannot know to … Read More

Beautiful Blue

Blue…a colour…or a feeling? Today, both. Amazing that I can see the beauty of this scene and also feel blue. Yet in truth if I really look at this…really melt into the presence of the beauty of this scene, all that is left is love…beauty…more love… The feelings of blue are there still when I step out of the beauty. … Read More

A mechanistic or connected Universe?

Two seagulls and a lone runner frame this beautiful sunrise. I have felt as if everything I have been working on has been stuck for about 6 weeks. Interestingly, in my inner work around the project that consumes most of my days, I hold the image of two birds…white doves…or perhaps seagulls.. as a symbol of my project. When I … Read More

Embrace the mystery

A wonderful teacher advised me…embrace the mystery. This life of ours is a mystery. We try to order it…to have it be shaped in our image. Wisdom teaches us that this is a fools errand. It was never ours to shape. Rather the path is one of aligning…deep atunement to the essential who of us…the threads of our life…and what … Read More

The path of integrity

There is a problem. Its big. One of those keep you up at night problems. There are some easy solutions, but you know that to take these will violate a deep agreement you have made with yourself. What to do? What to do? In the past you took the easy way. But the price has become to high. This is … Read More