Our addiction to coupling – the values of a single life

I am not sure where I found my strong sense of identity. I think it arrived with me at birth. I was never the timid, frightened child. It was me, after all, that held my fists up to ward off the person bullying my older brother, all tiny me, undaunted. You would often find me in trees, high up, alone, … Read More

The blues can be beautiful too

To wake and feel blue might be experienced as a problem, or a gift. Those blue moods are calling out to us…warning of some part of self that needs attendance. Look… here…..go deeper…go down into the messy dark places that never see light.. For there…there is a pulse of an ancient memory that longs to be seen. And in the … Read More

Perhaps my rage can be a thing of great beauty?

Perhaps the blood red of the sky was an early indicator of the heat of the day to come. Where strong men fell to the harshness of too much heat. Nature has a way of reducing us to helplessness. Be it the ocean throwing a temper tantrum, the wind a hurricane, the chill of cold, or the heat..sucking life and … Read More

A more miraculous world

I have so many people to thank for their extraordinary acts of generosity this year. Last year I felt my life was bereft of miracles. I wanted to to be the person who experienced many miracles as a normal part of living. And so it was this year. I am not sure if this was because I opened myself to … Read More

How do we live in a world so divided?

On this beautiful dawn lies a sea of conflict. I stand here, the energy of the sun penetrating my bones, fueling me through human photosynthesis, knowing that even as I am blessed with life and the opportunity to drink in the gorgeousness of this morn, others are waking to grief, and loss. How do we live in a world so … Read More

The Sun never sends you the bill

Look how light and clouds make such a raucous noise of colour? The lone surfer captured under the most magnificent show on Earth. Dawn is free. Unless you count the cost of leaving a warm bed, and perhaps a loved one. Or a day with a little less sleep. But what joy! To start the day with the constant surprise … Read More

Paying attention

It is no surprise that when something matters to us we pay attention. The most remarkable part of this project of writing Beauty of Beginnings is that I now see the clouds, the sky, and light, with far more attention than ever before. Just this morn, driving to my swimming pool, the air was heavy with humidity and heat, allowing … Read More

The whisper of our future selves

The light in the clouds is a window to another world. A porthole of sorts, where one might imagine a parallel Universe, or our future selves peeking through. Perhaps our future selves and our ancestors all exist in this very same moment of time with us. Perhaps time is fluid, and not some arrow like trajectory? If this were so … Read More

Seeing plenty first, in all things

November 25th Dawn comes early at this time of year in the Southern Hemisphere. The birds start their song just around 4 am. From my bathroom window I could see the changing of the sky, and knew that I did actually miss the best part of this dawn, well before the sun breached the horizon. I wondered how many beautiful … Read More