There is no There to throw away to

On the weekend I finally tackled the horror that was my garage. For the last few years it has been the holding place for stuff in between. In between usefulness, in between relevance, in between new/fresh and old/gone. Then the horror. Which hurts me physically, even now as I write this. All the old video tapes, broken things..piles of these, … Read More

Waking from Slumber. The question is, will we wake in time?

Interesting that the myth of Snow White has been brought back to the big screen in various iterations in the past few months. The great beauty Snow White, kind and caring of all of life, succumbing to a poisoned sleep by the jealous wicked Queen, a women consumed with a rapacious hunger for beauty, youth, and the sweet life with … Read More

Eventually we all pay

Here in Australia we just had Qantas shut down for nearly 2 days, stranding thousands of people around the world. If you scratch below the surface of this action and zero in on the source of why the executive team decided to do this, it reveals the cost of a world in the middle of a transition to globalisation. Complexity … Read More

Breakdown USA

I was 23 years old when I first visited the USA. I spent four months there, traveling through about 40 states. Since that time I have been back over 45 times. Today I read a wonderful piece in the Huffington Post by the very insightful Caroline Myss. I have not been paying too much attention to US politics since Obama’s … Read More

Massive Action Now – Because Tomorrow is too late

Why Massive Action Now? If you are like most people, you are feeling the earth shifting under your feet, unsure about your next step and whether it will land on solid ground. Having a sense of security is becoming an elusive memory. Uncertainty rules the day. Even if you are in a very secure situation, you cannot but help feel … Read More