Are you botoxing your business or brave enough to implement real change?

There are at least three levels of change. 1. Do you re-arrange the deck chairs. This looks like change, but is purely cosmetic. The botox injection solution. Makes you feel good for a moment and may deceive a few people as to your age, but either disappears over a few months, or, with repeated applications has you look like your … Read More

Reframing, new perspectives, integral accounting, business hacking

Bucky Fuller pointed out that pollution was simply stuff out of place. Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest,  talks about how we have focused on making carbon the new evil. Our carbon footprint, carbon trading and the general war on carbon. But carbon is essential to human existence. We eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Carbon is not the … Read More

When collapse is a good thing

As an endurance runner we most often have clear signals that the body needs rest or fuel. The signals usually start with more subtle hints, a niggle here, a slight feeling of weakness. When we fail to pay attention to these signals, they get louder. If we continue to ignore them, then we will get collapse. And the collapse will … Read More

To tinker, or to shake…that is the question?

You know that your business needs change. I know it. Most of your people know it.Your customers absolutely know it. But do you have the guts to shake things up? To really step into what needs to be done, rather than just dip your toe into the water? No more re-arranging the deck chairs. Real change that does shake things … Read More

Saluting the Whistleblowers

Edward Snowden has done a bold and courageous thing. He spoke out, at the cost of everything, against something he felt was wrong. A violation of everything he felt was good and true. For this he is being vilified and hounded by his own country, the very country that was founded on escape from political and religious bullying. None of … Read More

Universal Deceit, Revolutionary Acts, Speaking Up

 During times of Universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. George Orwell Speaking the truth is fraught with many dangers. That’s why so few of us practice truth telling as a way of being. We are in an age where the need to speak the truth is becoming urgent. Universal deceit is standard issue. The signs that Universal … Read More

Stepping up, letting go..

In some areas of our life we are all being called to step up. I know I am. It required a complete break down and break apart to get this. The universal shake up. A BIG shake up. In the last few months I have experienced the slow then rapid ‘death’ of the form of my work that has sustained … Read More