At what point do we say cruelty of any kind is good fiscal management?

Our public television station in Australia, SBS, broadcast this story last night about cruelty perpetrated on Australian cattle that had been exported live. (It’s horrific.) I am not against live exports. I am against animal cruelty of any kind. Actually, let’s be clear, I am against cruelty period. Animals, People. Living things. The argument is that if we stop live … Read More

Respond to data not self talk – taking bold action

  Time to take that big action. Get beyond the ideas stage and get something into the world. But your self talk is very compelling and keeping you from starting. I need to have more certainty about x. Maybe if I did Y it would be better. I am not sure how to do this. This is not perfect enough … Read More

Starting a business revolution

Last week the remarkable Jonathan Fields ran a free class on how to start a revolution (for positive commercial reasons). Check out the up coming class here. As someone who spends a lot of time observing cultural meme’s, I found the massive response to Jonathan’s class quite fascinating. It was as if he were tapping into a vein of gold … Read More

The power of collaboration in Business as unUsual

On Monday November 4th 2013, leaders of Oregon, Washington and California, along with a proxy for the premier of British Columbia, signed a regional pact to reduce greenhouse gases and promote clean energy—while acknowledging that their efforts would be more powerful if other states and leaders got on board. Read more: West Coast States Sign Climate Agreement | … Read More

3 keys to winning as the underdog – John Bertrand, skipper Australia 11

On the 30th anniversary of Australia winning the America’s cup, and the morning the USA team repeated the effort from 8 down. 3 Keys to Winning- John Bertrand, Skipper Australia 11,  30 years ago, quoted this morning “All of these needed to be world class 1. Management 2. Technology 3. Team and the coherence between the team” For non Aussies … Read More

On building strength in your business, relationships and within yourself

Take several seemingly brittle metals, apply serious heat, suck out the air, and you create something with enormous strength. The more heat we undergo…the harder the path, the more the adversity, the more opportunity we have of becoming stronger. How we approach adversity is the key. Do you diminish in its presence, or grow? Sucking out the air, making it … Read More

Want to grow a great business, get a good nights sleep

Need more time…get less sleep. Right? Wrong. Sleep deprivation is part of the story we have been sold of the heroic over achieving empire builder. Some people wear their lack of sleep like a badge of honour. Here is what sleep is good for. 1. The obvious- rest and restore..mind and body. Can you do without this…not for long. At … Read More

5 Rules to break in business

1. Do you know why you set up a limited liability corporation? Is it because that is what people in business do? Do you really understand what you are doing when you do so? How would the world be if business took responsibility for all of their actions? Check out B Corporations as alternatives. There are others. The limited liability … Read More