On responsibility – what did I do when I knew?

What did I do when I knew? What did I do when I knew that allowing business to put money into politics corrupts? Completely. That extracting a single other ounce of fossil fuels from Earth means our grandchildren’s lives might not be tolerable? That the purpose of a limited liability corporation is to avoid liability while making a maximum return … Read More

The art of Citizenship, being Democracy and Big Blue Sky

We inhabit a world divided. The chasm multiplies each second. And into the abyss we only see more of the same. More debt, more congestion, more broken down cities, communities, suicides, violence, racism, xenophobia, isolation…..hate. And a contagion of fear… Its 2:23AM and we wake…night after night…the tangled sheets a testament to the turbulence of our being. That something is … Read More

That which stands in the way is the way. The revival of the Goddess Isis

That which stands in the way is the way. Pema Chodron The Middle East is a seething cauldron of diverse values. It’s complexity extends back thousands of years. Added to its inherent complexity is the tampering of Imperial Colonists, right up to George Bush and his band of ‘keen to make millions from the spoils’ men. I am not going … Read More

Lipstick on a toad – applying sustainability practices within the frame of our existing finance and business systems and why that won’t work

I am a positive person. I have my doubts about the apocalyptic stories…about how we are in such a stage of crisis as never before. Do I believe that we are undergoing the 6th mass extinction…yes…probably…and do I believe it is largely man made…yes…I do. My ’empirical’ evidence is as follows…go to any large Mall anywhere in the world at … Read More

Leadership crime and ecocide – what is it and why we are all complicit

The movie “12 years a Slave” opened up a very sensitive subject in the history of humanity. Most of us would watch this movie and wonder how we actually agreed that this type of treatment of humans was acceptable. (This blog is not about the many millions of people who are still in slavery now, a topic for another blog … Read More

A call to action

It’s time. Now is the time. We are being called to action. Do you hear it? Do you heed it? I am in the process of building a business. It has been in the incubation stage for 21 months. I have a lot of fear around elements of it, as it takes me way out of my comfort zone. The … Read More

What questions are more powerful than their answers?

A task of leadership is to figure out what is the question that we should be taking about in our business now. A great question stirs you, inhabits your dreams, invites deep conversation, promotes inspiration and creativity, evokes the future. What is the question that if you had an answer for it, it would set you free? Organisations that do … Read More

An argument against speed in business

Life is busy. Getting busier. Business as usual demands results, action, long hours, cost control, lots of average…and speed. Go go go. Faster faster. Anything we do in a hurry is an argument against intimacy. Anything we do in a hurry is a argument against aesthetics. Anything we do in a hurry is an argument against heart. And when anything … Read More