Distracted by purposefully built illusions

The wonderful part of being an Aussie is we do have a ‘downunder’ view of the world. We watch, from afar, the world go mad. That is not to say we ourselves are not also caught in the mad contagion. After all we have a Prime Minister who is quite a climate science denialist, (and a Roman Catholic, so we … Read More

Building a sterilised world

Hand sanitisers Extreme overuse of antibiotics Removing play equipment from school playgrounds Overuse of vaccinations Never allowing children to be unsupervised Walking or biking to school ‘too’ dangerous Playing outdoors in the rain or cold…’too’ dangerous Signage everywhere to speak of the obvious, in case of litigation. Airport and other security now essential These are the costs of safety measures … Read More

Debt is a great way to keep people docile

“Debt is a great way to keep people docile” Dr Jason Hickel In this blistering and lucid article on the delusions of microfinance, Dr Hickel exposes a model that the West have looked on so favourably these last few years as a way to bring people out of poverty. Yet it has been shown to keep poverty alive and well. … Read More

What is my relationship to the unknown? The false gods of security

  What is my relationship to the unknown? How comfortable am I sitting on the precipice of the emergent? Am I able to stand in the tension of uncertainty? And if so, for how long? How much is my life trapped by an identity that no longer fits? I ask these questions this morn, knowing that my willingness to continue … Read More

Hubris in leadership – intrinsic to leadership is responsibility

This week we watched hubris in leadership play out on the world stage of FIFA. And in Australia we are watching with horror as the tragic violations and abuses by representatives of the Catholic Church towards people (mostly children) in their care is brought to light by the Royal Commission, while some of the leading Church officials continue to deny … Read More

We can – change the world today

We can; Make every building an energy producer Build zero waste cities Grow healthy nutritious food locally Reduce the cost of living via local energy and local food Make everything cradle to cradle – zero waste Eliminate litter from our streets Take care of people with mental, emotional, spiritual or physical disability Allow marriage rights to any two people who … Read More

How to massively expand your Universe – overcoming rejection

Some time ago I was sitting with my mentor and he said that I had to get over my fear of rejection. This fear, he had observed, was what was stopping me having everything I desired. I knew he was right. Rejection is situational. I have no issues with being rejected in many arena’s, yet I am paralysed by fear … Read More

With knowledge comes responsibility. Responsibility requires action.

I was walking my little dog Milly by the beach at dawn this morning and we came across an injured lorikeet (native Australian bird), unable to fly back into the trees, and therefore a target for dogs and cars. Milly went crazy, thankfully restrained from doing further harm by her lead. Another lorikeet flew down as if to check on … Read More