Day 2 Minus fear, April 19th 2012

1 am, I am awake. This morning it is not the same as yesterday, where my 2.15 am awake time remained until I got up just before 5 am, and the prevailing feeling was one of fear. The perpetual question was how. How am I going to pull out of this one. How am I going to manifest…how how how? … Read More

Day 1 of the First day of the Rest of my Life

  Today April 18th, at about 1.19 pm, I said enough. No more. I am done. I am done with living in fear, and scarcity. I am done with feeling like there is something wrong with me. Like I don’t have the money gene. Like life is hard. Like I have to work so hard to make ends meet. I … Read More

A message to my beloved…

In my daily contemplation I have been inspired to write about the male partner I am holding a place for. And to share it here….on my blog…in public….ouch…deep breath….quite scary to do this… So here goes…(and because this is an appeal to the Universe, please pass this on to anyone you think a likely match.) And, for all the singles … Read More