How to communicate with precision to address patterns of low accountability

In most organisations that I have consulted to the organisational design does not enable accountability of individuals. I have learned over the years that when you design a culture you can actually prevent an estimated 30% loss in real productive work that occurs when people need to be managed. A thoughtfully designed culture removes most layers of management. I find … Read More

On being human. Seeing the world from our knees.

The extraordinary Parker Palmer wrote he was a “contemplative by catastrophe.” Krista Tippett in an interview with Tim Ferriss talked about wisdom and age. And Alain de Botton talked with Krista Tippett about love and relationships. All the while, I struggled with my own inner demons and questioned everything…all my effort, my dedication, my persistence…why? and for what? And at … Read More

2016 Review – The Business of Being Human

So here goes….my 2016 review. Make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy….. Recovering from November 5th Big Blue Sky inaugural event was how 2016 started. A small team had pulled together an extraordinary feat. For me 30 years of attempting to pull together passionate diverse people to collaborate on a Moonshot type projects finally succeeded. This beautiful ecosystem lived … Read More

On being called a Bitch and Hard to Work with. Hell yes to that!

We live in a world split between politically correct egalitarianism/anti-hierarchy, and Donald Trump and Vlad Putin. These two men (if I can call them men), who have managed to pull off world domination, have done it through base male expression. Blatant lies, aggression, outright exaggeration, deception, cruelty, dismissal and of anyone who doesn’t fit their world view…but in particularly women, … Read More

Thought pollution – embracing Fierce, using Love as the weapon

A few days ago I passed 56 revolutions around the sun. One would hope that with time and experience on Earth we would also grow wiser, kinder and more compassionate? But to do so takes work, for as we get older we see faster through the BS. As I wrote recently, I have become aware of my anger. Simmering like … Read More

On Birthdays, Gratitude, Serendipity, Love, and 2.23AM

Sunday was my birthday. It was simply one of the best and most amazing birthdays of my 54 years. I am as fit and healthy as I have ever been in my life. I eat amazingly fresh and healthy food, get daily exercise and 7-8 hours sleep. There is no reason why my vitality should not continue in this way … Read More

Beaten down by life, daring greatly

I have allowed myself to be beaten down by life. There…I said it. I have seen just how much I have let this be so. How much I have given up on dreams, how I have become afraid to step back into the arena once again, in case I fall flat. Again. How I moved to this place one micro … Read More

Ever finer distinctions on fear, toxic waste and enchantment

Today, a public holiday in my state, started with the “super” moon lighting me as I lay in bed.  Its quite lovely to be dozing/sleeping in full moon light. Then a walk on the beach, there in time to catch the sun rising over the Pacific. One of those perfect days, hardly a cloud, warm autumn sunshine. The king tide … Read More

Commitment to vows, giving your all, integrity

Interesting thing happened in this little time of change. I have seen more of myself, which is the point really. I need to up my own integrity, which is no surprise…if I choose integrity as my platform, then it will be where I am most challenged. Specifically, to do what I say. Or don’t say it. To the minutia. Big … Read More