4 Conversations to enable your team to produce exponential outcomes in a world where human work is being replaced by technology | Exponential Outcomes for Teams

As we are entering a world where humans will be replaced with technology, the few areas that robotics and AI will not be able to address, at least in the immediate term, are the very human qualities. Trust, care, respect, empathy, synergy, creativity, resilience and heart felt connection. For those who care about the relevance of the future of humanity, … Read More

Discounting Value

Almost every human I have met wants to be appreciated for their essential value. Just what is that? What is our essential value? And how, in our scientific Cartesian reflexiveness, do we measure that? We are very bad at it as humans. As enterprise. The pain I have experienced in my life is because of a failure to be seen … Read More

Cosmic jokes, hot sex, relationships, money…and sufficiency

I feel quite sure that the God’s are laughing right now. There is a cosmic joke and I am at the centre of it. Thankfully I have some levity around the subject as well, no matter how painful the journey to get to this point. I am maintained that the four really sticky lessons for every human is money, sex, … Read More

Avarice, Greed…and Gluttony

This is part three in my personal exploration of the 7 deadly sins and the 7 graces. (Part one, on Pride, and part two on reverence.) Also if you want to read the business version, see Reverence as a Business Practice. I have found the passion of greed/avarice difficult to grasp, mainly in distinguishing it from gluttony. Both are about … Read More

Game Change

Back in 1986 I attended a personal development workshop called Money and You. The facilitator was Robert Kiyosaki. (Author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series). The driving impulse to attend was a desire to make more money. I suspect I also wanted to understand the money system, as curiosity has been one of my main values. The experience was … Read More

You teach What You Need to Learn-my current lessons around money

We are going through a collective humpty dumpty moment around our integrity with money. Each and every one of us is being asked to look at our relationship with money and the places we are out of integrity with our money, investments, work, expectations of entitlement…