Reflections on risk, life, edges – the entrepreneurial imperative

In my morning run I was listening to a Jonathan Fields Good Life Project podcast. (Highly recommended) The guest was saying how he was a graduate of Harvard, Class of 1968. And that they had received their 45 year reunion book. As he was flipping through it he felt deeply sad. Here were all of these people given remarkable education, … Read More

A business model called generosity – the 2.23AM operating system

In the 2.23AM world of business generosity leads. Here is how it works. We are hosting an event in Sydney Australia, Monday September 1st, with about 40 guests. About 4 months ago I met a business person for an hour. I called him last week and invited him to the event. He said yes, and then given that he knew … Read More

What great lies do we swallow in business, hook, line, sinker

    My mentor, R.Buckmintser Fuller, knew this intuitively as a boy. When the teacher told him to draw a straight line, he questioned the existence of a straight line. He went on to question the mathematical principles based on the square. Square roots, buildings designed around the square or rectangle. (Squares do not hold their shape unless they are … Read More

2.23AM The podcast, Episode #1, Dr. David Martin Founder of M-Cam, on enterprises of emanation

Listen on itunes , Stitcher Radio, or on SoundCloud,  download (right click, “save as”) or listen to the recording below. Download the transcript. Transcript, #1, David Martin Dr. David E. Martin is the Founder of M·CAM® the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. Actively engaged in global ethical economic development, Dr. Martin’s work includes financial engineering … Read More

Do you need money to start a business. Part 3 (of 3) 10 lessons learned

Lessons I have learned…. *What you are creating needs to mean everything to you. E..v..e..r..y…t..h..i..n..g. *In that, you might have to spend your own money, down to your last cent. You first, before anyone else. If you don’t trust yourself and your business then why ask someone else to? So many lives are squandered because people are terrified of putting … Read More

Do you need money to start a business Part 2 (of 3) Maybe not.

We have taken Step 1. The very first step. This generally can be done without using other people’s money. Oh, and if you are not comfortable with using your own money then why are you building the business in the first place? When we started 2.23AM the original idea was to hold a large event, 1000 guests. I had a … Read More

Do you need money to start a business? Part 1 (of 3)

In the current industrial model the script goes something like this. Have an idea, raise capital. And then it goers like this. Unless I can raise ‘X’ dollars the business won’t fly. And then…great ideas are killed because they have been beholden to the belief that you need money. Or…give away most of your idea to the man with the … Read More

Generosity, entrepreneurship and success

Our current business world is a give and take kind of place. “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” This is reciprocity, not generosity. Generosity is not about getting back. Generosity is about giving with clean intent in the act of giving. It has to start from the place of abundance. You cannot give generously from a place of lack. … Read More

Beauty, business and the deep necessity to unite the two

Business that does not seek beauty in all of its expressions is not a business with which I seek to engage. Indeed, anything that does not seek to express beauty is something to be distrustful of. Government, the finance industry., fast food…you name it. In our industrial frenzy we have torn down forests and replaced them with concrete jungles. We … Read More