Integral Accounting, preview call, Dr. David Martin

Integral Accounting is both an operating system and a way of being in the world that honours and reveals the true value already present in all dimensions of life. Most people approach the world through a type of uni-dimensional awareness. The form of dimensional constraint to which we’ve all become accustomed limits value to a single dimension we call “Money”. … Read More

Crazy stupid short term blindness of government and business

Oil prices are dropping. Maybe plunging is the right word. Great for the motor vehicle owner. But really bad for many governments around the world who put most of their eggs in the basket of oil. Most governments, and by default, that means most economies, are going to suffer from this extreme short term thinking. As in, really suffer…when 80% … Read More

Good intentions, bad outcomes – good intentions alone no longer work

I am interested in a person’s core intention for taking an action. What is their why? Their deep bones why? For even if someone does something for the ‘good’ intention, many times the outcome has a ‘bad’ effect. Often the ‘bad’ effect hurts the very people we are hoping to support. You might try to buy local and organic, but … Read More

Lifting the veil – the real apocalypse- on breaking down illusions

The word apocalypse comes from Greek, apokalypsis, meaning an uncovering, a lifting of the veil, or the disclosure of something hidden, a surprise. Almost all humans are under under some illusion. Each illusion has a depth or hierarchy to it. The more able you are to perceive multiple perspectives simultaneously, generally the less your level of illusion. Human history is … Read More

Mature Leadership – the ability to handle increasing complexity

It is quite obvious that our life conditions are increasingly complex and that this complexity is only going to continue to increase. 50 years ago most leaders simply had to worry about their own company, perhaps within their own community, and maybe within the larger context of their own country. Today what happens in New York, London, Beijing, or West … Read More

Money makes us anonymous

Handing over a piece of paper, or digits across screens, may be the sum total of the relationship with the buyer and the seller. I want milk, I buy from the supermarket, I may or may not smile, or even chat briefly to the person at the check out…although now I mostly buy using the non human check out. (And … Read More

Asymmetries as the trump card of the old model of business

I was speaking to Dr. Don Beck this morning, for the podcast.  Don was a student of Clare Graves and the person credited with bringing Spiral Dynamics to the world. Don has been my teacher since the early 2000’s. In the conversation we talked about asymmetries. Cultural, knowledge, wealth, development, resources…we were speaking specifically about the Palestine/Israel situation, but truth … Read More

Dollars for time – the indignity of transaction economics

Do you love it? Being reduced to a dollar amount for your precious time? Is this the life meant for the bright eyed baby who is hungry to share themselves in their wholeness with the world? But if not this model, then what? What is the alternative? We want to bring our whole selves to work. All of our skills … Read More

The illusion of money as power

Hypothetical Scenario – a catastrophic situation. You are penniless, and have no physical items of value, like gold, jewels etc.  You need to eat. If you do not eat, you will die. Food can be obtained, but in the way of access to food is a person who wants to extract something of value from you in order to pass … Read More