Who is R.Buckminster Fuller? – ever more relevant today

I never met R.Buckminster Fuller, or Bucky as he preferred to be called, in person, although I know many people who did. But of all the possible humans in Universe, Bucky has influenced my life more than any other. This article is not so much about the man and his history, which you can easily discover though Wikipedia and his … Read More

Fireside Chat, The Coming Global Financial Turbulence, Dr David Martin

On May 9th 2016, Christine McDougall interviewed Dr David Martin on the coming Global Financial Turbulence and what local communities can do to build resilience and parallel economies. You can watch the video of Part 1. It is 1 hour 14 minutes in total.The show notes below show how you can fast forward to certain areas of the video that … Read More

What is Money and why does Money consume so much of human existence?

Money is a word that comes laden with human expectations, projections, hopes, dreams, pain, suffering, frustration, disappointment, lust, desire, greed, control, power, manipulation, wistfulness, loss, disgust, guilt, longing… Onto the Spirit of Money lives the entire spectrum of human emotions. Plus broken dreams, starvation, death, and the highest orders of corruption. And love, freedom, entitlement, joy, excitement, expectation. We think … Read More

Thinking of finance as a commons

Our monetary system is not controlled by government as a representation of its citizens, but by private institutions hell bent on getting the greatest return on investment for the shareholders. Banks in Australia happily charge plus 17% interest on credit card fee’s when the current rate is around 2%. Yet if you hold a superannuation account, some of your money … Read More

Distracted by purposefully built illusions

The wonderful part of being an Aussie is we do have a ‘downunder’ view of the world. We watch, from afar, the world go mad. That is not to say we ourselves are not also caught in the mad contagion. After all we have a Prime Minister who is quite a climate science denialist, (and a Roman Catholic, so we … Read More

Debt is a great way to keep people docile

“Debt is a great way to keep people docile” Dr Jason Hickel In this blistering and lucid article on the delusions of microfinance, Dr Hickel exposes a model that the West have looked on so favourably these last few years as a way to bring people out of poverty. Yet it has been shown to keep poverty alive and well. … Read More

On the subject of wealth

In my mid twenties I discovered the work of R.Buckminster Fuller. His work became the map on which I have written my life. He writes, “There’s a built-in resistance to letting humanity be a success. Each one claims that their system is the best one for coping with inadequacy. We have to make them all obsolete. We need to find … Read More

The archetype of the guest – a forgotten art

Have we forgotten how to be guests? To be invited to join? To bow in gratitude at being invited? To honour the host? Have we forgotten that to be invited is an honour? That you get invited while others do not? That effort has gone into the occasion of which you have been invited? Do we show up as a … Read More

Dare to be naive – a path to true innovation

Naive – ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French naïve, feminine of naïf, from Latin nativus ‘native, natural’. Dare to be naive – So wrote Buckminster Fuller in the very opening of his work, Synergetics. We live in the illusion or delusion of innovation. We think our emerging technology is stunning in its ability to shift humanity. That the next app … Read More