Entrepreneurial focus, coherence, identity and charisma

When something really matters it requires disciplined focus. But a creative entrepreneur’s mind is naturally roving across multiple scenarios, antenna’s tuned for opportunity. This is the tension that most entrepreneurs encounter. How to bring all the seemingly disparate pieces into a coherent focus. Intuitively I have known that now is the time to do this with a heightened level of … Read More

What to do when things go bump in the night

You are awake at 12.53 am. 12.54 am…..2.23 am… Life is just not playing your tune. The heavens and all the gods seem to have packed up and left the building. You toss and turn. “Why oh why?” you beseech to the silent heavens. Of course there is no answer. This is the desert. This is the mouth full of … Read More

The Value of Habit

For over 18 years I have had a morning practice. It goes something like this. Awake before 4 am (usually without the need of an alarm). Do some contemplation, meditation, prayer, writing… as best feels appropriate for the day. Eat something light. Check emails. On Tuesday’s, Thursdays, Saturdays an Sundays I am running by 5 am, sometimes at 4.30 (Summer … Read More

Stepping up, letting go..

In some areas of our life we are all being called to step up. I know I am. It required a complete break down and break apart to get this. The universal shake up. A BIG shake up. In the last few months I have experienced the slow then rapid ‘death’ of the form of my work that has sustained … Read More

Play small or live out loud?

Rejection from others starts with rejection of ourselves This is how it happens.. You are at a party. You meet someone you’d like to get to know better. But you hold back a little of yourself because you really want this person to like you. You have a story that if you be fully authentically you, they may not like … Read More

Living Your Genius. Why do we choose to live a half life?

Genius = latin meaning the spirit of place… the spirit assigned to one at birth.   Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” – Erica Jong   The genius of the individual lies in their ability to inhabit fully their peculiar and particular spirit as they converse … Read More

Why do we find integrity so hard?

Today a client asked me…what is the opposite or dark side of diversity? The place where it is acceptable to malign a person for their colour, or sex, or religion, or..?  He was asking because in his world he has been observing the dark side of humanity manifest under the aegis of the continuing global financial crisis. People finding it … Read More

Leadership Alchemy – developing leaders in complex times

Alchemy= “A science (no longer practiced) that sought to transform one chemical element into another through a combination of magic and primitive chemistry. Alchemy is considered to be the ancestor of modern chemistry.” The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy The wonderful books I have been reading of late, such as Joshua Cooper Ramo’s “The Age of the Unthinkable” … Read More

How to build a leadership program for complex times – Leadership Development Trends for the 21st Century

The integral leader as a student would be challenged, informed, taught to think creativity, openly, expansively, to ask great questions, to be unafraid to not know the answers, be able to stand in humility, and authority, to inspire through their own being, to dance with change, hold their nerve, have great compassion, take responsibility, acknowledge their shadow and weaknesses, speak with clarity and truth, and live a life that reflects their deepest values. They would represent the essence of a positive deviant.