What wakes you at 2.23AM? Part 3 (of 5). Questions that long to be answered

What wakes you at 2.23AM? Sometimes they are superficial questions…and you will know if they are because they pass quickly.. *how do I meet payroll? (or what expense needs to be handled) *how do I solve this particular issue? *why did ‘x’ have a go at me yesterday? And how should I respond? Sometimes it is sheer excitement…or a brilliant … Read More

What wakes you at 2.23AM? Part 2 (of 5) Your story

You are what many would call successful, although you may not feel that about yourself. You generally function at a very high level. You have built things. You lead a team. You have many trophies, which may include awards, titles, status, recognition, high income, the high floor office, the right house in the right street and children going to the … Read More

What wakes you at 2.23AM? Part 1 (of 5). The call

It’s 2.23AM and the question is not is it too early… The question is… Is it too late? We have but one precious life, one go at the whole merry-go-round, one you, one planet, one experiment. It is 2:23AM and the questions keep coming, each one a hammer, each daring you to answer: Am I living the adventure? Am I … Read More

Our true desires do not fade with time – They are the one real youth serum

Strange as it may sound many of us are disconnected from our deepest desires. So disconnected in fact that we simply do not know what they are. Our desires call to us in the dark..waking us at 2.23AM, wanting to be heard. Yet they are hidden behind decades of accumulated fake societal longings for superficial experiences and expectations. We have … Read More

I love being right – the dangers of righteousness and comparison

I love being right. But why? What is it about being right that hooks me so much? There is an aspect to my righteousness that I really don’t like. It has a nasty darkness to it. There is a superiority that comes with righteousness that dismisses others by the very act. This goes back to the early years in the … Read More

How much time do you spend deeply connected to your business or project?

 We have our priorities right? Probably a few too many, all jostling for position at the top of the line. And then we have our distractions. All the funky stuff that swallows chunks of precious time. If your business, or your project, or your work in the world matters to you, the question is how much time do you spend … Read More

Motivate with money – yeh – that will work*

  *It does depend on the context-desperation, greed, hubris are temporary motivators If you motivate people with money you are going to have to keep making more money to keep motivating people…and at some point the money then becomes the most important thing for the company. Make more money. Make more money. Heard that song before? It is so loud … Read More

Our addiction to having an enemy..to vengeance

Imagine this world for a moment…where enemies were the rare rare exception…? No enemy…no one person trying to get you…or no effort being spent trying to get another person. No trillions being spent on killingry. On some quasi protectionism…like the NSA’s urge to listen to everyone and everything…that this is supposed to make people ‘feel’ safe. No revenge. Imagine all … Read More

Giving that can never be repaid – a daily practice, a business value

I read this quote a few weeks ago… You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. John Wooden (One of the most successful basket ball coaches ever) It had me contemplate what are the things we can give for which people can never repay us? And are you able … Read More